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Westport to Nutley: A Journey from One Hometown to Another

Westport to Nutley: A Journey from One Hometown to Another
Its only a little more than 50 miles or so from Westport to Nutley, N.J., but Martha StewartҒs journey from one hometown to another was one better measured in years than miles.

Stewart traveled to Nutley, 10 miles west Manhattan, Sunday to be inducted in to her former hometowns hall of fame.

But before attending the ceremony in the town of 27,362 Җ slightly larger than Westports almost 26,000 Җ she took a drive down memory lane, according to Newarks The Star-Ledger.

She passed her childhood home where her parents, Martha and Edward Kostyra, raised her and five siblings and nurtured her interest in home decor and gardening.

She also passed her former schools and rode along Franklin Avenue, Nutley’s main business street, the newspaper said.

The journey ended at the township library where Stewart and eight other Nutley natives were honored as the first class of the Nutley Hall of Fame.

“I took a ride down memory lane and found that Nutley has changed so little and so much,” Stewart told the audience of more than 300 people that included her mother.

She talked about her Nutley education and read off a list of teachers that influenced her before graduating from high school in the late 1950s.

Then, citing an axiom familiar to Stew Leonard visitors, she shared her mother’s rule for dealing with teachers at the Nutley schools, according to the newspaper.

“Rule number one was ‘the teacher is always right,’” Stewart said. “Rule number two was if ‘the teacher is always wrong, refer to rule number one.’”

Stewart remarked how her childhood home and schools looked the same, but many of the businesses she remembered being in town are now gone.

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