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Westport Property Transfers March 13 – 17, 2017

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period March 13 – 17, 2017:

Tracy Chester to Jeffrey F. and Kristy Carcara, 9 Marsh Road, $1,145,000WNproperty.jpg

132 Old Road LLC to Aaron and Nicole Diamond, 132 Old Road, $2,136,820

Leslie S. Gold to Camilo and Ursula K. Lyon, 26 Rices Lane, $1,400,000

Richard C. Lichter to Dawn Leasrsy, 26 River Lane, $2,537,500

William E. Fable Jr. to John M. Fable, 3 Fresenius Road, $285,000

Kenneth Lametta to Eric O. Handler and Elisa Uribe-Handler, 14 Quarter Mile Road, $1,600,000

AR. Cottage LLC to Jonathan David and Margot Lowenstein Simmons, 122 Imperial Ave., $2,260,000

Susan Jones to Thomas Kerrigan and Charlene Rossi, 22 Hale St., $340,000

The Habanero LLC to Kimberly E. Jaeger Trust, Lindsay P. Elsas 2016 Revocable Trust, 10 Keyser Road, $1,750,000

Kendall B. Smith and Linda Gramatky Smith Trusts to Nikolai Katz and Genevieve Gacula, 60 Roseville Road, $784,000

Maureen A. Lynch to Marina Balestra and Pierfrancesco Torlini, 11 Joann Circle, $740,000

166 Cross Highway LLC to Neil Bhatia, 166 Cross Highway, $3,200,000

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