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Westport Police Make Two Prostitution Arrests

Westport police said today they had arrested two women on prostitution charges after they offered their services on the Internet.

Both women were arrested in separate incidents at the Westport Inn, said Lt. David Kassay, commander of the Detective Bureau.

Helen Marks, 30, of Stamford, was arrested Thursday after an undercover officer answered an Internet ad and she offered to perform “an erotic massage,” he said. She was released on $200 bond with a Norwalk Superior Court date set for April 6.

On Friday night, detectives received information that another female involved with a Web site ad for erotic services had checked into the hotel, Kassay said.

An undercover officer contacted her and after she offered a similar massage, “detectives had to force their way into her hotel room to affect the arrest, she continuing to resist after detectives made entry into the room,” he said.

Police identified her as Agnieszka Mojsa, 35, of Naugatuck and said she was charged with prostitution and interfering with an officer. 

She was released on a $2,500 bond with a court date also of April 6 at Norwalk Superior Court, Kassay said.

14 thoughts on “Westport Police Make Two Prostitution Arrests

  1. I think I just found some budget that can be applied to our schools!

    Obviously the police have too much time and resources if they can waste it on entrapping woman that are offering “exotic massages” on the Internet.

  2. Hey John, next time you are in a hotel with your family, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know that some tramp is with a some dirtball making the most of their hotel experience right next door to your room.  Nothing like the headboards banging against the wall in a $200.00 a night hotel. I’m sure you’ll get a good night sleep. 

    I’m sure they won’t even remove the comforter either, so make sure you pack your blacklight.

    This is all about the police doing their part to keep the “quality of life” at its best in this town.  Kudos to them.

  3. It seems the police invited the woman to Westport.

    And besides, I’m sure this is just part of the stimulus package, it’s the “Elliot Spitzer Act”, he slipped it in last minute.

  4. Of course I wouldn’t want to see prostitutes in our town, however, it seems these woman were lured to the hotel for a rendezvous initiated by the police, all for offering “exotic massage”.

    Would you feel the same if the Westport police set up sting operations offering to sell drugs to high school students and then arrest them for buying drugs?

    I just feel that set ups and entrapment create a crime that would not have ordinarily taken place.

    And Mr. Millazzo, is there a difference if two consenting adults are in the room next door to you or a married couple?

  5. Mr Raho,
        I have read several of your posts on this site (seems like you have plenty of time on YOUR hands).  Most of your posts are well thought out and researched.  Even if I’ve disagreed with you, I’ve taken your opinion seriously.  Unfortunately, your response above is unintelligent and bitter.  Are we to infer you would prefer this type of behavior?……..your name is “John.”  Ok, bad joke, but your Spitzer one isn’t any better.  It’s disturbing to read constant negativity.  Why is your first reaction to slight the police dept?  My first reaction was to give credit.

  6. These 2 arrests by the police dept. and the associated press hopefully will deter this conduct in the future.  Hopefully the news will spread to stay away from Westport which would be the ultimate goal! 

    Mr. Raho,  I tend to agree with Mr. Mcgee.  Your comments always seem to be of a negative nature, always critical and never contributing to a solution of the issues at hand.

    To your comment about the drug stings.  If it changes just one high school students future behavior then it would be a success.  You can lead a horse to water, but you don’t make him drink it.  If the police conducted drug buys and high school students showed up, obviously there is a market for such behavior and believe it or not, buying drugs is still illegal!!

    Good work WPD!!  And maybe Mr. Raho has given you guys an idea.  God knows there are no drugs in the Westport Schools!!

  7. Okay, okay, my original comment was a bit in jest as a way to restore budget to the schools.

    As far as former NY governor Elliot Spitzer, I was just illustrating that people of all backgrounds partake in carnal behavior, and just look at President Clinton and his “accomplishments” in the White House. I recall many of my liberal friends (yes I still have some) and the majority of the main stream media railing how Ken Starr was wasting taxpayer money and consenting adults should be able to do as they wish.

    And Mr. Saurmann in the future I’ll make an effort to give some happy comments :).

  8. I’ll tell you with all of these craigs list stings I’m seriously thinking about getting my prostitutes the old fashioned way. At an oriental massage parlor in Black Rock.

  9. Take Stanley with you I think he needs to relax.

    For the record, and for those who didn’t get it the first time I said it, I’m not defending or condoning prostitution. What began as a quip has now made me out to be a pimp! I knew at the time I would get flak for the comment and I hesitated for half a second but hit submit anyway. I thought the audience would get the comment for what it was, and I’m sure most did, but there’s always that one or two. Sometimes you try to push the audience, but they’re not ready. Like when Dylan went electric.

    Mr. Mcgee, thank you for the kind words. I made the Elliot Spitzer connection to show that it’s not just low life dirtballs as Mr. Millazzo says. Although, I’m sure Mrs. Spitzer would agree whole heartily with him. As for making negative comments, maybe you see it that way because you disagree with my point of view. The issues that I have argued and lobbied for have been: Full day Kindergarten; I was against it. Another has been workforce and affordable housing on the taxpayer’s dime; I don’t believe it’s the obligation or the responsibility of the taxpayer to provide for such.  The other issue I had was with those damn cinder blocks someone tried to pass off as art! Come on admit it, I was right on that one!
    By the way, I have had many people come up to me and thank me for having said this or raised that issue. They also stop my wife and say, “tell your husband thank you, I’m glad he said that”. So while it’s not possible to please everyone, nor do I try, I do try to keep the conversation honest and to make you think about the other side of the issue and how it will affect all of us.

    Now it’s your turn Mr. Shepard. It has been in the media that law enforcement has been cracking down on on-line prostitution and our own Attorney General has taken a national lead on this topic. I have no problem with that, I’m a big supporter of AG Richard Blumenthal. I contend the police contacted these woman and had them meet them at the hotel. My contention is, had they not done so, there would not have been a crime. We can debate this many ways and in the end still see it differently, maybe I’m wrong on this and should give it more thought. I know you think I have a lot time on my hands, but to be honest, not enough to ponder the ethics of prostitution entrapment.

    Believe me, I’m also committed to keeping our wonderful idyllic community safe, and very much appreciate the great job our police are doing.

    Can I finally move on to another topic now?!

  10. I would rather the town reduce property taxes than waste their time on hard working women. Seems like Police resources could be better deployed.

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