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Westport Native to Present Documentary During GOP Convention Week

stateoftheunion.jpgA film by Westport native DJ Kadagian will be one of two independent films screened next week as a double-bill during the Republican national convention in New York. The subjects are issues their producers say the GOP gathering ignores.djkadagiancolor64.jpg

Kadagian’s work, “State of the Union: the Color of Freedom is Green” is a 45-minute documentary that he says takes a “critical but honest look at the interplay of money and politics and the impact on the underclass.”

Much of his thinking on the subject was formed while growing up in Westport which he calls “the capital of materialism in America.”

As a biographical sketch on his Web site puts it, “Growing up in this environment influenced his path first to join and experience great success in the material world and then ultimately to question that system in his chosen medium/ film.”

“State of the Union” will be shown at the Loews Cinema 1 in Times Square at 7 p.m. Tuesday along with “Weapons of Mass Deception,” a 58-minute film by Danny Schechter the “dissects” media coverage of the Iraq War.

Kadagian, a 1981 graduate of Staples High School, says he completed his film two years ago but has just finished updating it for this screening.

“It is not left or right,” he says, but focuses on the most significant impact he could find of the interplay of money and politics—black America. “It doesn’t let anyone off the hook,” he explained. “It’s kind of a wake up call. It grabs you by the throat.”

After working for years for someone else as a money manager, Kadagian founded his own firm, Four Seasons Asset Management on Post Road East in Westport’s center.

Success with that enabled him to concentrate on his real passion, his documentary production company, Four Seasons Productions.

Kadagian says he grew up in wealthy Westport in a family that did not have much money. His father was away much of the time in Germany and his mother worked hard selling ads for Brooks Community Newspapers.

Asked if that left him with a bitter taste about the town, he replied, “I think so.”

He said one of his most vivid recollections of that period was the controversial project that involved busing black children from Bridgeport to Westport schools.

Kadagian now does much of his work from his home in Ridgefield where he lives with his wife and two children.

“State of the Union” is one of four films he has completed and being shown on the Hallmark Channel, Faith & Values Television, Free Speech TV and Canada’s Discovery Channel. Future airings are scheduled this fall on PBS.

In the works is a feature length documentary called “America” that Kadagian says will be an “unvarnished and balanced look at the good, the bad and the ugly.” Ranging from the pilgrims to Iraq, the film will explore America’s contribution to and impact on world history,

The film, he says, will “respectfully attempt to update in style and events Cecil B. DeMille’s 1939 classic ‘Land of Liberty.’”

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