Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Westport Miscellany: Panic Rooms and Sales Tax

With the increased terrorism threat, Westport has seen an upsurge in installation of panic rooms, those places tucked away in homes where the homeowners can survive all kinds of attacks (except probably the munchies).

The town is cited by Richard Soloway, chief executive of NAPCO Security Systems in New York, who told the Hartford Courant newspaper that sales are also up in Weston, Greenwich and Stratford.

The business is so hush-hush, he says, that often domestics who work in the homes don’t know the safe rooms exist.

“Lots of times, even the help in the house doesn’t know about it. People who install the rooms are brought in when nobody else is there, or on the weekend,” Soloway said.

Also reported by the newspaper—an upsurge in patriotic bills introduced in Hartford that would give additional benefits to those serving on active duty or veterans of past conflicts.

Among them was one introduced by Westport’s Sen. Judith Freedman. It would exempt military members on active duty outside Connecticut from having to pay sales tax on new vehicles.

Freedman, a Republican, said, “At a time when so many men and women are leaving their families behind to defend our nation, this is something we can do to show our respect and appreciation.”

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