Saturday, March 02, 2024


Westport Memorabilia on the Net

If you’re nostalgic for Westport of the ‘70s, check out John Johnson’s Web site which includes Westport memorabilia for that period.

He includes other Westport-related on another page.

Of course, for real Westport nostalgia, you’ve got to go to Evan Stein’s Staples alumni site which includes pictures, multiple discussion threads and lots of memories.

3 thoughts on “Westport Memorabilia on the Net

  1. Sadly, no – I tried to contact Evan, but have yet to hear back from him. I’m rebuilding from the ground up, which includes trying to get the word out myself. I’ve got some links to the site in some of the usual places (including the student run Staples website), and now I have to just wait for people to come to the site. I have about 15 people registered (last I checked).


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