Sunday, May 26, 2024


Westport Man Burned by Bogus Bidding for JFK Car

After receiving two dubious $1 million bids on the Internet, Westport antiques dealer John Reznikoff has changed the rules for bidding on a 1963 Lincoln Continental that John F. Kennedy rode in on the day he was shot. (See WestportNow Nov. 11, 2003)

Reznikoff, owner of University Archives on Richmondville Avenue, is offering the restored convertible on eBay. It had been listed with an option to “buy it now” for $1 million.

After two deals fell through, however, the sale was changed to allow bids only from preapproved buyers. That means interested buyers must contact Reznikoff before bidding. The new sale ends Dec. 10.

Kennedy used the white four-door convertible during a motorcade in Fort Worth on Nov. 22, 1963, before flying to Dallas.  It is being offered in conjunction with Southports Classic Car Gallery.

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