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Westport Led in 2005 Lyme Disease Cases in County

Westport led all Fairfield County towns in the number of Lyme disease cases reported in 2005, according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

In 2005, 426 new cases of Lyme disease were diagnosed in Fairfield County, a 29 percent increase over 2004, according to new statistics from the department. Statewide, 1,810 new cases were reported last year, a 26 percent increase over 2004.

Westport saw the biggest increase in Fairfield County, with 57 new cases reported in 2005 compared with 20 in 2004 and 33 in 2003.

Weston had 13 new cases in 2005, compared with 23 in 2004 and 30 in 2003. Fairfield had 26 in 2005, 20 in 2004, and 26 in 2003.

Windham County had the highest rate of Lyme Disease among all Connecticut counties in 2005, 173 cases per 100,000 people. Litchfield County was next with 164 cases per 100,000, and New London County was third with 120 per 100,000.

The rise in Lyme disease cases is due mainly to an increase in populations of mice, chipmunks and deer—woodland animals that ticks feed on, according to the department.

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