Sunday, July 14, 2024


Westport Health Center Looks to Upgrade

By Jennifer Connic

Westport Health Care Center is planning upgrades to its building to address changes in the long-term health care field, and the Zoning Board of Appeals is the first stop for those changes.

The ZBA recently held a hearing that will continue on May 8 for changes to the 120-bed facility at 1 Burr Road opposite Kings Highway Elementary School. If variances are approved, the plans will move on to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“The framework of today’s long-term care environment is comprised of advanced rehabilitation techniques and accompanying equipment in addition to evolved systems of caring for and making comfortable prototypical age-related illness and disease,” said a document from the center filed in the Planning and Zoning Department.

“In conjunction with these advances in treatment and therapies is both a federal and state focus to make the long-term care setting less institutional and more of a friendly residential environment.”

To address the changes, the letter states, the center’s leadership has created plans to improve the interior and exterior limitations of the facility.

P&Z Director Laurence Bradley said some of the changes include updates to the exterior facade and adding a small amount of space to the building.

The center needs seven variances including for the front setback, height, coverage and building area, he said.

Although there will be a small amount of additional space, the number of beds will not increase, according to the document, and the number of rooms will decrease by four.

The hearing was continued, he said, because some of the numbers on the different plans didn’t match.

The time allotted before the next hearing is to make sure the numbers match, he said.

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