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Westport Grand List Up 1.95 Percent

Westport’s Grand List, the listing of all taxable properties located within the town on Oct.  1, 2007, increased approximately $210 million or about 1.95 percent, Tax Assessor Paul Friia said today.

The $10.6 billion list, which was signed today, is used to determine the tax rate for the 2008-09 fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The list is subject to changes from the Board of Assessment Appeals and other adjustments, Fria said in a letter to First Selectman Gordon F. Joseloff.

Friia said the majority of the increase is in real estate and pertains to new construction, additions, and renovations of residential homes.

The remaining increases in personal property are attributed to work being performed by Connecticut Light & Power Company and the addition of more than 250 new accounts, he said.

Motor vehicles also increased due in part to the purchase of new automobiles and the use of an updated pricing schedule for classic cars, Friia said.

The Board of Finance determines the tax rate in late May or early June after the Representative Town Meeting approves the budget in early May.

Taxpayers who wish to appeal an assessment with the Board of Assessment Appeals must file a form with the assessor’s office no later than Thursday, March 20 at 4:30 p.m.

The form is available in the assessor’s office or online at


The Assessor’s Office listed the top 20 taxpayers in Westport and their assessments as:

1. Nyala Farms Inc. $88,291,710

2. Connecticut Light & Power Co. $53,693,550

3. Lasry Marc and Cathy $29,292,500

4. Allianz Life Insurance Company $25,272,000

5. Riverside Office 285 & 335 LLC $24,782,200

6. Roseville Estates Inc. $24,648,970

7. Antares NH LLC $18,949,300

8. Byelas Irving Irrevocable Trust $17,535,000

9. Juster Howard $17,144,000

10. PRE/Wright St. LLC $16,968,400

11. Westport Retail Co-Investors LLC $16,338,400

12. Westport Post Road LLC $16,299,200

13. Godfrey Peter & Barbara $16,223,400

14. 44 Main Street Inc. $16,210,300

15. Winwest 33-51 Main LLC $15,485,800

16. Compo Acres LLC $15,440,100

17. Hulbert Thomas F. Est. of $14,897,600

18. Compo II LLC $14,732,800

19. Davis L. W. $14,096,300

20. Heyman Samuel J. & Ronnie F. $13,966,500

Four of the top 20 residential taxpayers have homes overlooking Long Island Sound on Beachside Avenue in Westport’s Green’s Farms section.

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