Friday, June 02, 2023


Westport Gas Prices Vary But It Pays to Shop

Westport, like the rest of the nation, has seen gas prices soar in recent days, but a WestportNow survey shows it does pay to shop as there is a 16-cent gap between the lowest and highest self-serve prices in town.

The survey found that the average Westport regular self-serve gasoline sold for $1.93 a gallon today, or about 5 cents higher than the states $1.88 average. A year ago, the state average was $1.53, according to AAA.

The lowest Westport price (rounded off) was $1.84 at DemattiaҒs Citgo, 786 Post Road East, while the highest was $2 at Exxon, 485 Post Road East.

The next lowest price was $1.85 at two stations—Greens Farms Getty, 1830 Post Road East, which was having a “5 cents off” sale today and Sunday, and Cumberland Farms Gulf, 719 Post Road East.

In order of increasing price, here are how the other Westport self-serve stations fared:

$1.88 at The Country Store, 332 Wilton Road; $1.90 at Westport Sunoco, 322 Post Road East; $1.94 at Westport BP, 1510 Post Road East; $1.98 at Greens Farms Shell, 1530 Post Road East, and Mobil Self-Serve, 1060 Post Road East; and $1.99 at Bridge Mobil, 558 Riverside Ave., and Christies, 161 Cross Highway.

Of WestportҒs 14 gas stations, three are full-serve only: $2.06 at Riverside Sunoco, 240 Riverside Ave.; $2.07 at Westport Center Mobil, 302 Post Road East, and $2.09 at Westport Getty, 271 Post Road East. 

Fairfield County appeared to have the highest prices in Connecticut with the county’s highest prices in the Greenwich area.

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