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Westport Family Dog Dies in Animal Attack Image
Lilly: victim of an animal attack. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo
A Westport family today mourned the loss of their beloved dog Lilly in what they believe was an attack by a coyote or fox in the yard of their Tupelo Road home.

Lilly, a 7-year-old Lowchen who weighed about 12 pounds, was found in the family’s yard early Saturday, according to Elizabeth Rockmore, 14, a freshman at Staples High School.

“My Dad saw her on the lawn and it looked like she was sleeping,” she said. “But we knew something was wrong and then we found she was dead. There were no markings of an attack.”

Elizabeth said Lilly had gone outside through a dog door sometime during the night.

“We took her to a vet who performed an autopsy and they found that her ribs had been crushed and she had internal injuries,” she said. “They told us this was consistent with an attack by a coyote who doesn’t leave any external injuries.”

Elizabeth said her parents had twice seen a fox in the area over the past 10 days so the family is not sure whether Lilly was killed by a fox or coyote.

Tupelo Road is off Sturges Highway near the Fairfield town line.

She said the family contacted Westport police and the animal control officer responded today to ask questions.

“I was hoping you would include this on WestportNow so that Westport people can be reminded to keep their dogs safe and that this is really happening in Westport,” Elizabeth said in an e-mail message.

“My family and I are completely heartbroken and I would like to prevent this from happening to anyone else.”

The Rockmore/Ambach family also has two Portuguese Water dogs.

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  1. We were so sad and shocked to hear about Lilly – she was definitely our favorite whenever we came to visit. She was sooo cute and so happy – she will be missed. Love, your friends, The McNiff’s

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