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Westport Emergency Management Officials to Meet Tuesday

Westport Emergency Management Officials to Meet Tuesday
Westport Police Chief William Chiarenzelli said tonight town emergency management officials will meet Tuesday morning to complete planning of preparations for Hurricane Isabel and its aftermath.

Speaking at a meeting of the Public Protection Committee of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), the police official said he expected First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell to issue a press release later in the day about the planning.

WeӒll tell the public what to do with their cars in the event of the threat of severe flooding for low-lying areas and well spell out details of our communication plan,Ҕ he said.

Chiarenzelli said unlike some communities, Westport will not order residents to leave their homes if severe flooding is threatened.

If we think it necessary, weӒll advise them three or four times to get out, but Im not going to order them out or risk the lives of my people for those who disregard our warnings,Ҕ he said.

WeӒll also ask them to fill out a form that, among other things, asks for names of next of kin, the chief said.

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