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Town Appoints Internal Auditor

Westport First Selectman Gordon F. Joseloff announced today that Lynn R. Scully has joined the town as Internal Image
Lynn Scully: was Trumbull internal auditor for three years. Contributed photo

Scully, who previously served in a similar position in Trumbull for three years, will audit municipal departments, boards and commissions and agencies as well as the Westport School District.

Joseloff said as required by the Town Charter, she shall “be responsible for monitoring and reporting on all town expenditures, the cost of town capital projects, other financial activities, and other items as designated by the Board of Finance, the Finance Director or the First Selectman.”

In addition, he said Scully will conduct financial, operational, and management analyses of all areas of town government and measure and evaluate the effectiveness of controls and procedures.

“We are delighted to have Lynn on staff,” Joseloff said. “As we seek to deal with these difficult economic times, her experience will prove valuable in making recommendations to improve the efficient and economical operation of town government.”

Joseloff said while the Charter provides that “the Finance Director shall supervise the internal audit,” he has agreed that Scully in practice will report directly to the Board of Finance to ensure her independence in carrying out her duties.

As required by the Charter, the First Selectman said Scully will “provide periodic internal audit reports” to the Finance Director, the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen. In addition, Joseloff said he will make the reports available to the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) members and the public.

Joseloff said Scully’s hiring will ensure compliance with the Charter provision that “it shall be the responsibility of the First Selectman to have all the agencies that comprise the reporting entity of the town reviewed with an internal audit at least once every four years.”

Scully, who holds a B.S. degree in accounting from Marist College, was president of her own accounting and consulting firm and manager of consulting services for McGladrey & Pullen, LLP prior to her employment by the Town of Trumbull.

4 thoughts on “Town Appoints Internal Auditor

  1. Congratulations on finally, finally, achieving this appointment – some 10 years (?) –  after it was recommended by the Town’s Charter revision committee.  This delay has been inexcusable, and one wonders if a number of near disasters in the interim – for example,  the revaluation mess or the Fire Department funds misappropriation etc… might have been avoided if the need for ths position had been better understood and accepted earlier than now.

    Now we read here that the Internal Auditor is going to work         ” ,,,,as designated by the Board of Finance, the Finance Director or the First Selectman.

  2. The prior writer’s comment regarding the “misappropriation of Fire Department funds” is factually incorrect. I believe the writer is referring to financial improprieties within the Firefighter’s union, a matter which the union referred to the state attorney.

    Obviously an internal auditor has no control over non-town finances, and would have had no impact on this unfortunate matter.

    I would stongly urge the writer to correct this error in his comment. I would also hope he would apologize to the Fire Department as his erroneous comment before it takes on a life of its own.

    Nate Gibbons
    Former Secretary of Westport Firefighers Local 1081

  3. Nate Gibbons is quite correct – my error – for which I apologize.

    The point being made however concerns the manner to which any casual funds or moneys collected by the town need to be part of well controlled and audited systems to prevent mishaps.  While town employee Unions are indeed not covered as part of town procedures, one would hope that those organizations have similarly proper methods of control and regular audits to protect their members’ funds.

    Gavin Anderson.

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