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Those Darlin Clementines

By Fran
WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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Shop carefully for Clementines. File photo

If something is healthful my kids will usually stay away from it.  But Clementines, those miniature, easy-to-peel and most important to my kids ֖ seedless nectarines from Spain have a way of disappearing around here. 
The secret is to scope out the prices around town because what youll get from store to store is pretty much identical.
HereҒs the price of a 5-lb. box of Clementines today.  Ill give you an update Sunday when many of the prices change. So check back if your first box disappears like mine will.

5-lb. box of Clementines

Costco $5.49
Stew LeonardҒs             $5.99
Shaws   $7.99
Stop & Shop $9.99
Wild Oats                       $9.99
Compo Farm $10.99
Hay Day             $14.99
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