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The Price of a Cup of Coffee

Editor’s Note: WestportNow today inaugurates a new occasional feature—WestportNow Lists by our consumer correspondent Fran.

Sometimes it will be best buys, what’s hot, or what’s unusual. We welcome reader suggestions and contributions. Today’s opener: the price of a cup of coffee—fancy and plain.

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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The cost of a medium skim latt:
(All prices include tax):
Katzenbergs Kaf钩            $3.29
Starbucks $3.29

The coffee bar at Hay Day. photo

DocҒs   $3.25
Commuter Coffee             $3.25
Garelick & Herbs           $3.18
Hay Day Coffee Bar           $3.18      
Village Bagels                 $2.75
Westport Library               $2.65
Abbondanza $2.50
Oscars             $2.19
Say it ainҒt so, for a cup of Joe (16-oz coffee):
Docs   $1.75
StarbuckҒs $1.70
Katzenbergs Kafҩ            $1.64
Abbondanza $1.59
Dunkin Donuts           $1.55
The Country Store             $1.51
Coffee An’                      $1.50
Commuter Coffee             $1.50
Great Cakes $1.50
Village Bagels                 $1.50
Westport Library               $1.50
Christie’s                       $1.43
Fortuna’s                       $1.43

Hay Day Coffee Bar           $1.43 (corrected Oct. 27 from $1.59, thanks to Hay Day’s David Loggie. But Dave—please update the sign that says $1.50. I can’t buy a cup of coffee at every place to see if what’s actually charged is the same as the listed price!)
Oscars             $1.43
Cumberland Farms             $1.37
PeterҒs Bridge Market $1.37
Calise’s                         $1.30

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