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The Artists Collective of Westport Goes 24/7 @47 Main

The Artists Collective of Westport today announced the launch of a new pandemic friendly exhibition called 24/7 @ 47 Main. Image
“Flag” by Elizabeth DeVoll is one of the works in the exhibition. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo

The exhibition which features 81 artists from The Collective is available 24/7 at three different locations — one physical and two online from today through Aug. 29.

The physical exhibition is a roughly 10 minute video featuring 81 artworks from artists all over Connecticut that is looped on a large screen TV in the window of 47 Main St.

For those still not comfortable venturing out in public, there are two locations online where viewers can see the show.  The first is on the Artists Collective of Westport’s YouTube Channel.

The second is an exhibition specific website that features all the images with specifics about each piece and how to contact the artist if you are interested in purchasing a particular piece. The 24/7 @  47 Main website is

The idea for the exhibition originated during The Collective’s weekly Sip ‘N’ Share Zoom. T

he weekly Zoom meeting was created by artist member, Janine Brown, as a way for Collective Members to stay in touch with each other during the pandemic.

Each week artists can join, share what they are working on, or just chat about the challenges faced by staying at home and staying healthy. 

The award for the Collective Member joining from furthest away is currently held by Helen Klisser During, who joined the Zoom meeting from New Zealand.

From the seed planted during the June 10 Zoom meeting to the launch of the exhibition today was a little over three weeks.

The co-chairs for the exhibition were Janine Brown and Michael Brennecke.

Guests should continue to stop by as new work will be added and the exhibition may change throughout the run, an announcement said.

The Collective said it continues to look for other ways to bring art safely to the community.

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