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Staples Student an Intel Science Search Finalist

Jonathan Sellon, a senior at Westport’s Staples High School, has been named a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.

He is one of only 40 students nationwide to be so honored. He will go to Washington for a week in March when he will present his research at the National Academy of Sciences.

As a finalist, he has already won a $6,000 scholarship and a laptop computer.

He will now compete with the other 39 finalists for $530,000 in scholarships and prizes. First place carries a $100,000 scholarship. This competition was won by a Westport student five years ago.

Sellon, a student in the Staples independent research class, was a regional finalist in the Siemens Westinghouse Science Competition this year. He is also a member of the Staples Engineering Team, which is a finalist in the national engineering design competition.

Sellon’s research springs from his deep interest in music.

As a violinist and cellist, he plays in both the Staples orchestra and chamber ensemble.

His work, which involves computer modeling of auditory attention, could result in improvements in voice recognition technology for computers and to cochlear implants and hearing aids used by the hearing impaired.

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