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Some (Like Me) Like it Hot



By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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It doesnt get any better than a Hot Stone Massage with Frank at Dream. photo

I donҒt know about you but its only the day after Thanksgiving and IҒm already exhausted from holiday shopping and could use a great massage.
Being no amateur in the treat-myself-well department, I skip the basics and go right for a Hot Stone Massage or as they say at Derma Clinic, ֓LaStone Therapy. 
If youԒve never had a massage involving heated, smooth river stones expertly glided over those sore spots, now is the time.  Oh-so-serious Frank at Dream Day Spa is my own personal favorite and worth every cent.
Cost of a Hot Stone Massage (Length varies from one to one and a half hour): 
Derma Clinic $90
Born of Earth $100
Body Mind & Spirit $110
Holly Grunsell $120
Dream Spa   $120
Westport Therapeutic   $140
Coco Spa   $145
But if you want to stick to the basics, heres a rundown:
Starting price of a one-hour massage:
Born of Earth $75
Derma Clinic $75
Soma Therapeutic $75
Holly Grunsell $75
Body Mind & Spirit $80
Coco Spa   $85
Westport Therapeutic   $90
Dream Spa   $95

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