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So Shoe Me!

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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Hard to believe that in this throw-away world, businesses such as shoe repair shops still exist. showrepair03260401.jpg
M&M Shoe Repair has been in continuous operation for over 34 years, 26 of them at its current location at Sconset Square. Rick Masone (pictured) has worked in the business since the age of 14, stepping into the bosss shoes since the death in 2002 of his father and long-time owner Tony Masone. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE) photo

Harder still to believe that Westport, with its more than per-capita share of high-end consumables, still has a few places to take worn-at-the-heels shoes. 

Here they are, and hereҒs what it costs to replace a pair of heels.

Cost to replace a pair of men’s heels

Final Touch Cleaners, 1031 Post Road East. $10
Maple Cleaners, 1529 Post Road East $12
Westfair Shoe Repair, 1783 Post Road East. $15
M & M Shoe Repair, 10 Sconset Square, $15

Cost to replace a pair of women’s heels:

Final Touch Cleaners $10
Maple Cleaners $12
Westfair Shoe Repair $6
M & M Shoe Repair $8

4 thoughts on “So Shoe Me!

  1. Westfair shoe repair not only does a great job, but when there’s an urgent need the owner is more than happy to help. I used M&M for years and when I needed a repair recently,ASAP, Mr. Masone was down right rude!. He did this to me and another custumer as well when trying to repair boots for the BMS production of Oklahoma. Mr. Masone will not get my business again.

  2. Many thanks to Fran’s List and WestportNow for featuring my hero, Mr.Masone of M&M Shoe Repair in Sconset Square. Mr. Masone and his father before him, have used their substantial talents to breathe new life into my favorite shoes for many. many years. Moreover, the prices at M&M are so reasonable (my last shoe repair bill was only $3.00 dollars!)that I can buy more shoes with all the money I save.
    Long live Manolo and Masone.

  3. He can only fix so many shoes in a day. If he puts you in front of other customers that he has promised would ready It is not fair to them. You should have planed ahead.

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