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Snowstorm Produces Blizzard-Like Conditions

Todays snowstorm produced blizzard-like conditions this afternoon in the Westport area, reducing visibility on roadways and shutting down most downtown retail stores on normally one of the busiest days of the holiday season.
Many stores opened for business this morning after an overnight snowfall left up to six inches of snow on roads and then gave way to clear skies for a while.
But by mid-afternoon, with winds gusting up to 39 miles per hour along the shore, most retailers in town shut down. The temperature dipped to 20 degrees and the winds made it feel like 2 degrees.

Most downtown Westport stores opened as usual this morning but closed early as blizzard-like conditions set in. WestportNow.com photo

By evening, a foot of snow was common in many areas of town, but totals were hard to measure because of the blowing winds.
The National Weather Service shortly after 9 p.m. canceled its blizzard warning but said a winter storm warning would continue until morning.
It said light snow would continue through the night with occasional bands of heavier snow possible.
Steadier snow would taper off by morning with occasional snow showers continuing but with no additional accumulation, a statement said.
Unlike at the start of the storm just before Friday afternoonҒs rush hour, police reported only a few accidents.
Compared to yesterday, today is a piece of cake,Ӕ said one EMS volunteer.
The Westport Public Library opened for business as usual, featuring its holiday book sale. But officials decided to call it a day at noon, just as the winds and heavy snow began whipping through the area.
Many Westporters stayed home or took walks in the snow.
Last night, I went cross-country skiing on Compo Beach, waves breaking right next to me,Ӕ WestportNow reader Susan Farewell wrote in an e-mail.
Then I skiied all over the neighborhood, right on the roads, before the plows ӑruined the snow.  It’s wonderful at nighttime; the lit-up houses look like dioramas.
ғI do this every time we get a snowfall in Westport. I like to ski over to the golf course at Longshore as well, which I’ll be doing every day there’s snow. It’s an easy way to get your ski legsђ back for more challenging terrains.
Reader Bonnie Adler had a tale of woe from Friday:
ԓI had planned a very special mother-daughter weekend at the Norwich Inn and Spa near Foxwoods with (of course) my mother and sister. We Never Do Extravagant Things like this!
My sister, a teacher at Horace Mann, got here from the Bronx without incident, arriving by 1:15 p.m.
ӓMy mother, who had a driver take her to Westport, was late because the driver took a mid-morning nap and overslept and left late. He was supposed to get her at noon, but arrived at her home in northern New Jersey at 1:30 instead.
They reached Greenwich via I-95 at about 3 p.m. She was stuck in Greenwich for more than two hours, finally crawled to Stamford, got off I-95 and was not allowed to re-enter I-95 when the local roads proved impassable.
ӓShe finally got here after six hours and 15 minutes. Normally, its a one-hour ride. Needless to say, our weekend is canceled. Perhaps we will go to Dream Spa instead.Ҕ

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