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Shocked Friends at Westport Funeral for Slaying Victim

Shocked Friends at Westport Funeral for Slaying Victim
Waterburys Republican-American reports on SaturdayҒs funeral at Westports Assumption Church for Lynn Marie Bossert, 41, strangled 10 days ago in Southbury.

The graduate of NorwalkҒs Central Catholic High, who loved horses and her German shepherd, worked as an administrative assistant at a Fairfield financial firm. Her father, Henry, is confined to a Westport convalescent home.

He attended the service lying in a hospital bed a few feet from the casket flanked by medical attendants. Bossert’s mother, Marie, died earlier this year.

Excerpt: The tragic circumstances of Bossert’s demise have weighed heavily on her colleagues and riding friends, who say they can’t help but wonder if they could have prevented it.

ӓBossert was killed when her fianc, Gregg Madigosky, allegedly strangled her in their Southbury home, which they had shared since 1998. Madigosky, 37, has been charged with her murder and is being held at New Haven Correctional Center until his probable cause hearing on Oct. 20.

Both Madigosky’s parents, Stephen and Joan, attended the funeral, quietly leaving after the service.

铓Standing beside the floral arrangements including one shaped as a horseshoe representing Bossert’s passion for riding ח the Rev. Thomas Thorne acknowledged the palpable anger and frustration shared by the stony-faced mourners.

“‘We must give ourselves permission to go with the flow of human emotions,’ he said.”

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