Friday, March 01, 2024


Westport’s Suffragists Featured in Library Exhibit Image
“Westport’s Suffragists—Our Neighbors, Our Crusaders” exhibit opened tonight at the Westport Library Sheffer Gallery. Library patron Ann Sheffer (l) and exhibit guest curator Kathie Bennewitz point to Westport-based suffragist Lillian D. Wald who is featured in the exhibit. According to Sheffer, Wald, a social worker and Sheffer’s grandfather Aaron Rabinowitz met each other in New York’s Lower East Side in the early part of the 20th century. In 1920, Wald introduced Rabinowitz to a woman named Clara who then married Rabinowitz in 1921. They later moved to Westport. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

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