Friday, March 01, 2024


Salad Bar, Anyone?

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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In anticipation of raiding my children’s trick-or-treat bags tonight, I’ve been on the lookout for salad bars around

The shelves are getting bare but the salad bar is still fresh and sparkling at the soon-to-close Peter’s Bridge Market. photo

town for a light dinner.  Here is a rundown.  While prices are relatively similar, offerings are not. 
Stew Leonard’s famous hot-and-cold bar runs the gamut from salad to egg foo young, while Peter’s Bridge Market includes fresh fruit.  I encourage readers to let me know if I’ve missed any. Wild Oats boasts mostly organic. Whatever you do, don’t sneeze!
Price per pound (prices do not include tax which is additional):
Calise’s 3.69
Shaw’s 3.69
Stop & Shop 3.99
Stew Leonard’s 3.99
Peter’s Bridge Market 4.59
Wild Oats 5.99

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