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RTM Approves $40,000 for New Attendance, Payroll Software

To make attendance and payroll records more accurate, Westport’s Representative Town Meeting (RTM) tonight unanimously approved a $40,000 request for a new software and hardware system. Image
Ralph Chetcuti, Westport’s personnel and human resources director, tells the RTM tonight about the new software and hardware system. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

The new biometric scanner system will serve 550 full-time and seasonal town employees.

Ralph Chetcuti, director of human resources and oersonnel director, made the request for the NOVAtime Web-Based Time & Attendance software and hardware, saying that it would assist the town in the event of lawsuits and state Department of Labor reviews.

“If the Department of Labor comes in and does an audit, you have to have good records,” Chetcuti said. “This will make it easier to do that.

“In the event of a lawsuit, you need to provide payroll records, and this is a more accurate way of providing records,” he added.

He said the town is planning a five-year contract with the company, and after the initial amount, which includes the purchase and set up of biometric scanners, there will be an annual $19,135 cost.

RTM member Jack Klinge countered that there was no rush for the program, and that instead the town should wait to see if the Westport Public Schools and the Police Department could sign on to it to share resources.

RTM member Wendy Batteau asked if the software would be compatible with the school system’s software if the Board of Education were to come on board. Chetcuti said yes.

When asked if the system would save the money by eliminating a position, Chetcuti said, “We may not eliminate someone, but it gives them time to do other things they should be doing.”

RTM member Lou Mall was an outspoken supporter of the request.

“We need to help our payroll and our personnel department and not wait for the Board of Education,” Mall said.

“I think Ralph and (Finance Director) Gary (Conrad) are taking the lead on this, and we should support them in getting it done.”

The legislative body unanimously agreed.

– James Lomuscio

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