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Riding the Bloomin’ Metric Image
Several thousand riders took part today in the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club’s Bloomin’ 2013 Metric bike ride. Riders had a choice of three routes—25 miles, 75 kilometers (47.6 miles) or 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) along scenic roads of Fairfield County Connecticut. All stared and ended at SherwoodI Island State Park in Westport. view is of riders on North Avenue in Westport. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo

6 thoughts on “Riding the Bloomin’ Metric

  1. So many bike riders, they were almost like cicadas. But, seriously, it would have helped car drivers avoid congestion had the media had published bike route

  2. Please make your thoughts known to the Selectman’s office and Chief Call of the Police Department. 2,500+ cyclists is just too much. Even CTChallenge is 1,100 riders

  3. Dear Mary,

    Please let the following know your concerns:

    Call, Dale <>;

    Joseloff, Gordon <>;

    Selectman’s Office <>

    They need to hear/read concerns such as yours.

    FWIW, Connecticut law specifies no more than two abreast and down to single file when a motor vehicle is approaching bicyclists. CGA 14-286 b, c

  4. I also was driving to work when I encountered this event.  It would be helpful if riders could be instructed to signal when they are turning.  And not ride 4 abreast when riding small winding roads.  There were many times when it really wasn’t safe.

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