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Retirements in Police and Fire

Retirements in Police and Fire Depts. Expected Before New Pension Plan
Look for a wave of retirements in the ranks of Westports police and fire departments in advance of new changes in the departmentsҒ pension plan.

Like most municipalities, Westport is trying to reduce costs in the face of increased expenditures and declining state aid. So it has served notice to the police and fire departments to expect reduced medical benefits in the next revision of their pension plan.

As a result, a number of veteran police officers and firefighters have decided to retire before new the plan takes effect. They include several assistant chiefs in the fire department and a number of senior officers in the police department.

It’s not known which members have already filed formal notification of retirement or when they will take effect.

Update: The Hour reported on April 13 that at least seven firefighters and shift commanders planned to retire this summer as a result of pension plan changes along with an unknown number of police department members.

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