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Rell’s Doctors Keep Her Hospitalized Another Day

Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s doctors want her to remain at Danbury Hospital for at least another day to recuperate from Monday’s breast cancer surgery, her office said today.

The Republican governor had been expected to leave the hospital today and rest at home for several days.

“I may be the governor, but around here it’s the doctors who run the show, and I’m going to listen to their advice – most of the time, anyway,” Rell said in a statement issued by her office.

Rell, 58, underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on Monday afternoon. According to Rell’s staff, her doctors are pleased with her progress and say she is healing well.

The governor’s breast cancer was discovered at the earliest stage of growth, and the tumor was 2 centimeters in diameter, her staff said. Those two facts, coupled with news that all of Rell’s lymph nodes tested negative for cancer, mean a good outlook for the governor, said one Connecticut surgeon.

Rell’s office has not said what type of mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she underwent. They also have not identified her doctors.

The governor still plans to give her State of the State address on Jan. 5, when the new legislative session convenes. Rell’s staff said she was in telephone contact with her Capitol office several times today, reading correspondence and working on her speech.

Rell elected to undergo the operation after doctors found the cancer last week while performing a biopsy of a non-cancerous calcium deposit, her office said. A routine mammogram revealed the calcium deposit but not the cancer.

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