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Race for Westports Representative Town

Race for Westports Representative Town Meeting Shaping Up
Seven of the 29 incumbents on WestportҒs Representative Town Meeting (RTM) eligible to file letters of intent to run again with the Town Clerks office did not do so by todayҒs deadline, according to Town Clerk Patricia H. Strauss.

She said four of them had informed her officially of their intention not to run again in the November election for the 36-member non-partisan body. The others, along with non-incumbents, still have until Sept. 9 to file petitions with 25 signatures to get on the ballot.

Incumbents eligible to file the letters but who did not include: District 3: Charles W. Haberstroh, John W. Kiermaier, and Richard Lichter; District 5: Margaret J. Slez; District 6:  Saul Haffner and Catherine MyGodney, and District 8: Irwin Donenfeld.

Strauss said she had been told officially by Haffner, Lichter, MyGodney, and Slez that they do not intend to run again.

Haberstroh has been nominated as a Republican candidate for the Board of Finance. Donenfeld, the RTMs senior member with 22 years service, has been sidelined recently by illness.

Six RTM members were ineligible to file the letters because of redistricting and a seventh has to petition because he changed residences, Strauss said.

Two of them Җ Gerald Bodell (currently District 4 but who now will be in District 1) and William F. Meyer (currently District 8 but who now will be in District 3)—have taken out petitions to run again, she said.

Other incumbents who must take out petitions to run again but have yet to do so include: District 1: Marla Cowden, Jorgen Jensen, and Theodore Youngling; District 3: Deborah Rath, and District 4: Thomas Feeley.

Ralph Hymans, District 5, and Steve Rubin, District 7, have also taken out petitions to run for other offices Hymans for the Board of Finance and Rubin for the Board of Education, Strauss said. There is no prohibition against them running for these offices and the RTM at the same time.

Strauss said eight newcomers have taken out petitions to run for the RTM, but so far only in District 7 does the combination of declared-by-letter incumbents (4) and those who have taken out petitions (1) exceed the number (4) of candidates to be elected.

Editor’s Note: The editor of WestportNow is moderator of the RTM and among those who have submitted letters of intent to run again. The above article is based on publicly available information only.

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