Sunday, July 14, 2024


Protesting in Westport

Westport’s Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial Bridge across the Saugatuck River was the scene today of a political protest. Residents from Westport, Fairfield, and Monroe waved placards reading “Recount in the Ukraine,” “And Ohio” “And Florida” and “The Votes Dont Add Up.” The protesters urged those interested to find more information to visit, home page of the Voting Integrity Project. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) photo

5 thoughts on “Protesting in Westport

  1. I agree that Kerry did the right thing by conceeding quickly. They say that he had a lot of people that were pushing him to fight on legally. But, he knew that the votes just were not there. He chose not to drag the country into another state of election limbo. For me, that moment was Kerry’s finest political moment.

  2. The left have always been sore losers…. but this time they have turned to conspiracy theories to justify their lose, when really they lost because Kerry ran a bad campagin. Lets not act like the residents of this town wont enjoy Bushs tax cuts…

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