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Power Outage Hits Saugatuck Area

UPDATE A power outage hit parts of Westport’s Saugatuck area today, affecting at its peak about 750 customers, a utility spokesman Image
The traffic light at Riverside Avenue and Bridge Street was among those affected by today’s power outage. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Some customers were restored within an hour of the 1:15 p.m. outage, but it took almost six hours for full restoration, the spokesman said.

Areas affected included Riverside Avenue, Saugatuck Avenue, the Bridge Street area and parts of Saugatuck Shores, according to the Connecticut Light and Power Company official.

Cause of the outage appeared to be a cable failure involving the Compo substation at Compo Road South near the railroad underpass, the CL&P spokesman said.

At 3 p.m., the CL&P Web site said 633 customers were out, but the number was down to 108 at 5 p.m. and all were reported back by 7 p.m.

The last customers to be restored were along Riverside Avenue from Treadwell Avenue to Sylvan Road South, the spokesman said.

The outage came several hours after First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, Fire Deputy Chief Jonathan Gottfried and officials from other nearby communities met with CL&P officials at their Norwalk regional headquarters to discuss improving responses to power outages.

“It’s ironic that we had this outage literally within two hours of leaving the CL&P meeting,” Joseloff said.

“There certainly was fast communication to us about the problem, but I am concerned about power reliability and will look forward to a detailed explanation of what happened and how future such occurrences can be avoided.”

3 thoughts on “Power Outage Hits Saugatuck Area

  1. a rebate!?


    remember, this area prob consumes more power then most any of the above mentioned locations. Which is why they encourage people to curb their use of AC and try and do laundry and dishes at night time.

    Alas, despite what we pay in electric bills, they still don’t keep up.

    Still, …. rebate? . …right. I hope that was sarcasm. I’m more finically strapped then most but anyone who’s anyone knows these things happen; and utility companies really don’t give a hoot you lacked power for a few hours.

  2. It seems like the Riverside Ave area gets more than its share of outages.  Running a business there is impossible when a prolonged outage takes place (6 hours).  Unless CL&P;gets it’s act together, businesses located in that area may opt for a location in or out of Westport which has more reliable electricity supplies.

  3. CL&P;has the most fragile power grid I have ever seen. I
    have lived in NC,VA.NJ.MI.MA. VT.&ME;. and have never
    experienced a less reliable power supplier. What happened
    today did a bird land on the transformer. What about a rebate ?

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