Sunday, December 10, 2023


Police Union Endorses Stephens for State Rep

Saying that the state House of Representative has made it harder for police departments to do their job, Westport Police Union today endorsed Republican Chip Stephens over incumbent Democrat Rep. Jonathan Steinberg for the 136th District.

“As recent events have shown, our current representation in House has not only seriously affected our capabilities to take drugs, guns and wanted persons off the street to make our communities safer, but have also cost each community hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement unfunded mandates with new laws passed this year,” said Cpl Howard E. Simpson, president of Local 2080.

Simpson added that none of the current representatives serving Westport “took the time to discuss or rationalize the impact that these laws would have on public safety …or the brave men and women who work hard each day keeping your community safe.”

Simpson lauded Stephens as one who has pledged “to work closely with public safety.” He said Stephens would ensure “smart changes” to laws to enhance fairness and to make the community safer “without the added costs associated with unfunded mandates.”

“This morning I am happy and proud to accept the endorsement of Westport Police Union local 2080,” Stephens said. “My top priorities include full support of our police and first responders.

“My promise to those that protect and serve: I will always consult with and seek advice from our local authorities in forming legislative initiatives involving those who serve us,” he added.

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