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Police Top Town Wage Earners

UPDATE (adds clarification regarding overtime) Once again, police dominate the town-released list of Westport’s top 10 municipal wage earners with Field Training Officer Howard Simpson earning $189,930 for 2013, including $79,172 overtime and $14,105 for outside jobs, and Officer Anthony Falbo a close second with $174,774, $4,713 in overtime and $78,565 in outside work.

An updated list provided by the town broke down the payments, including base salaries. For example, Simpson and Falbo earned $79,302 and $76,392 respectively in base salaries. Outside jobs are paid by contractors who hire the officers but are billed through the town.

Aside from Fire Chief Andrew Kingsbury, who is also the town’s director of emergency operations, coming in tenth place with a salary of $147,996, no firefighters made the the top 10 list.

Gary Conrad, the town’s finance director, was the only non-first responder cited, ranking sixth with a salary of $158,926.

Police Sgt. Ryan Paulsson was the third highest paid, earning $166,916, (base salary $88,855) with $47,839 in overtime and $15,621 in outside work. Field Training Officer Anthony Prezioso ranked fourth with $164,209, ($88,065 base salary) and $43,883 in overtime and $15,621 from outside.

Lt. Arthur Belile was fifth with $159,541 ($113,304 base salary) and $34,230 outside, Field Training Officer David Librandi, seventh with $150,053 ($78,303 base salary) and $42,575 in overtime and $17,250 outside, and Capt. Samuel Arciola ranked eighth with $149,149 ($119,723 base salary) $17,815 in outside work.

Police Chief Dale Call ranked ninth with an annual salary of $148,247.

The office of Schools Superintendent Elliott Landon responded Monday, March 3, after repeated requests for the top 2013 education wage earners. They will be published once compiled.

One thought on “Police Top Town Wage Earners

  1. As a former police officer, I become concerned when an officer makes more money through outside employment or overtime than through his regular duties. The citizens and business owners of Westport are entitled to police officers and emergency responders who are well rested and focussed on their primary duties. Working the equivalent of two full time jobs is dangerous, especially for those charged with our public safety.

    Would you want to be on a plane if you knew the pilot had worked 30 days straight and 16 hours a day?

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