Monday, June 17, 2024


Police: Case Closed in Ride Offer to 13-Year-Old

UPDATE Westport police said they have closed their investigation into the case of what was earlier reported as a “suspicious” incident involving a man offering a ride to a 13-year-old girl today in the Compo Beach area.

They said the man lived in the neighborhood and had come forward to say he had merely offered the ride to the youngster at about 7:30 a.m.  because of snow and rain that was falling.

Driving a van, the man offered the ride to the teen as she was waiting without an umbrella for a school bus in the Apple Tree Trail-Murvon Court area.

The male identified himself to the student as “living around here,” police said in their initial report. The incident was witnessed by a parent who was sitting in a car with her children waiting for the same bus, police said.

“The operator of the vehicle stated that he did offer the girl a ride to school and or to shelter in his vehicle until the bus arrived based on the weather conditions,” said Capt. Vincent Penna.

“It was determined that the male was in fact a resident of that area and that there were no criminal intentions to his actions.”

He added, “The police department would like to thank media outlets and the public for their assistance and the quick resolution to this matter. At this time, the investigation into this matter is closed.”

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