Saturday, December 03, 2022


Police: Investigation Nets Two Possible Suspects for Threatening Signs

UPDATE —The Westport Police Department’s investigation into the threatening signs posted Sunday in the downtown has “yielded information on two responsible parties.”

“With that significant development, the department wishes to take this opportunity to assure all that there is currently no viable threat to the community relative to this incident,” Lt. Anthony Prezioso said.

He added that the investigation involved “close collaboration with federal law enforcement officials based on some of the statements directly expressed in these postings.” The signs, most of them posted on Church Lane, read as follows: “This Town is Ours, Kill Trump, Fight the White,” “Only Good Cop—A Dead Cop,” and “Kill Trump and Once We Win, We’re Coming to Westport.”

Another one is a picture of a bloody fist with the words “Black Lives Matter” on top and a message below stating “War Is Coming.”

“No investigative avenue is being unexplored,” Prezioso said when asked about video surveillance, even fingerprints left behind.

“Our main concern is that it may transition from words to action,” he added, “That behooves us to have an active investigation.”

“The concern among the community is very real,” Prezioso said.

He said the fact “the majority of the community has condemned this,” demonstrates the town’s support for the Police Department.

On Tuesday, a bipartisan show of unity condemning the signs came from chairpersons the Republican Town Committee (RTC) and Democratic Town Committee (DTC), as well as Westport’s elected officials.

“We publicly and jointly denounce the hateful messaging that was discovered in town on Sunday morning,” the statement said. “We believe that regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, there is no place for disrespect, hateful messaging or violence to express one’s perspective.

“We hope that all Westport residents will do what they can to maintain civility both leading up to and beyond Election Day,” it added.

The statement was signed by Ellen Lautenberg, Chairwoman of the DTC, Joseph Sledge, chairman of the RTC,  First Selectman Jim Marpe, Second Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker, and Third Selectwoman Melissa Kane.

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