Friday, May 17, 2024


On the Rocks

WestportNow reader Richard Barnett came across this rock balancing act off of Hillspoint Road near Compo Beach a while back and managed to get a snap of it before it disappeared. Richard Barnett for

5 thoughts on “On the Rocks

  1. Thanks Jeff but I can’t take credit for those stunning rocks. I have recently set up a web site with photographs of my rock and wood sculptures.

    I have made rock sculptures off of Hillspoint for several years. I have enjoyed the positive comments I have received. The most often asked question is whether I have used glue. The answer is no. The sculptures last anywhere from a few seconds to a week or more, usually collapsing as a result of the winds or tides.

  2. I’m glad that Jerry (or Andy) inspired someone to create these beautiful natural sculptures…and someone else to document them with a camera…thinking about this fragile, impermanent balance created with such a permament material has got me reflecting about art and nature in a way that makes my brain hurt!

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