Sunday, April 14, 2024


Obama to Visit Connecticut Next Week

Has Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s defense of President Obama’s minimum wage proposal played well at the White House?

The apparent answer came today: Obama plans to visit Connecticut March 5 to promote a minimum-wage increase with Malloy.

Video of Malloy’s jousting with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal outside the White House has gone viral, prompting invitations for Malloy to appear on national news programs.

It also prompted this sharp exchange between a Republican candidate for governor and one of the governor’s advisers.

Tom Foley, one of the Republicans seeking his job, said Malloy’s exchange with Jindal was “bullying behavior.”

“Malloy seems to have a knack for taking a potentially volatile situation and escalating it,” Foley said.

That prompted Roy Occhiogrosso, now a consultant to the Connecticut Democratic Party, to recall a volatile incident from Foley’s distant past:

“Funny that a guy who was thrown in jail for a road rage incident would comment on what he claims is someone else’s aggressive behavior, especially since that behavior is being lauded nationally for having been pitch perfect.”

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