Friday, April 12, 2024


No One Hurt in Kitchen Fire

No one was hurt and there was no major damage after a kitchen fire in a Yankee Hill Road home Monday night.

Westport firefighters responded to the scene at just before 8 p.m., and a police officer arriving earlier to the scene was able to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.

According to a Fire Department press release, a pot of heated oil flared up on the stove when a lid was removed.

The homeowner attempted to move the pot outside, according to the release, but she dropped it on the floor.

The kitchen floor was scorched, according to the release, and the cabinets adjacent to the stove suffered heat damage.

Firefighters removed the pot outside and checked the house to make sure the fire did not spread.

Firefighters were on the scene for about 50 minutes.

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