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Newspaper Highlights Westporters Controversial Role

Newspaper Highlights Westporters Controversial Role in Rescuing Puerto Rican Strays
Westporter Renee B. Makowsky flies to Puerto Rico to bring back stray dogs that take up residence in animal shelters Җ much to the consternation of breeders and pet stores.

According to the Providence Journal, there are plenty of critics of the efforts of the 68-year-old Red Coat Road resident and others who import dogs from Mexico, Taiwan and other countries. They say airlifting dogs from far away places is not part of the shelters’ mission and creates unfair competition for the sellers of dogs.

Makowsky, who serves on the national board of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), disagrees.

“We’re trying to save dogs that already exist,” she told the newspaper. And the presence of dogs from Puerto Rico as well as outside the United States actually helps shelters find homes for their hard-to-place tenants.

The imported dogs “are usually cute puppies that are adopted quickly,” she said. They bring people and fees into the shelters, making the work of moving the other dogs easier.

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