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New York Times Blog Notes Westport EV Rally Image
The New York Times blog entry on Saturday’s Westport event. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo

Saturday’s Westport Electric Car Club rally with 33 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles caught the attention today of a New York Times automobile blog.

The blog, Wheels: the Nuts and Bolts of Whatever Moves You, is written by Jim Motovalli, a Staples High School graduate who said he reluctantly became the navigator in a car that came in second.

“My original plan was to gather color for the article by riding in the back of a Chevrolet Volt driven by Leo Karl III, a New Canaan Chevrolet dealer, but he was short a navigator, so I somewhat reluctantly volunteered,” Motovalli said.

“Some of the directions were a bit cryptic — the ‘street made famous by Chrysler Corp.’ was Imperial Avenue – But we managed to stay on the route.”

Motovalli reported the first-place winner was Bruce Becker, an architect and developer who lives in Westport, driving a BMW ActiveE with Dennis Andrews as navigator.

“The second-place winner was, surprise, Mr. Karl and myself, with an odometer reading a few tenths of a mile off that of Mr. Becker and his co-pilot,” he said.

“It helped that I grew up in Westport and live in Fairfield, so the roads were familiar. In the interest of full disclosure, I took home nothing more than a T-shirt (though Mr. Karl got a restaurant gift certificate).”

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