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My Life, My Vespa: Watts Wacker on Getting Around in Westport

Westporter Watts Wacker drives his Vespa to Staples football games. photo

Todays Escapes section of The New York Times features Westporter Watts Wacker and his Vespa.
The 50-year-old futurist jettisoned his Camaro convertible last May for exclusive transport around town on his Italian-made Vespa ET4. ғI havent looked back,Ҕ he wrote in a essay for the newspaper.
Excerpt: I feel more at home, more me, on my Vespa. I have my nonconformist tendencies. For example, I wear shorts every day, even in church, even on my scooter.
ӓSome people laugh at me, but I don’t care. I’m not trying to be Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider.ђ There’s no overcompensating on a Vespa…
Riding my Vespa is so much fun I can hardly stand it. There’s the appeal of being in the elements, feeling the sun beating down on you ӗ all of the stuff that convertibles offer plus you get 65 miles per gallon.
דMy 14-year-old daughter loves to ride on the back; I coach her lacrosse team, and when we ride home from practice she holds her sticks. I ride to work, to the center of town, to high school football games…
I have my own commuting ritual. Every morning I sling my computer bag over my shoulder and zip straight to Starbucks. I pick up two cups of coffee, put them in a tray and ride one-handed to my office. (One product improvement I would suggest for the Vespa is cup holders.)
ӔWhen it’s really cold I pull on a pair of insulated Carhart overalls over my shorts. I’m planning on driving this thing 24/7/365. Except when it’s snowing.

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