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Milk Prices on the Rise

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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Milk prices are rising, too. File photo
Last week, I told you it pays for Westporters to shop for a gallon of gas. This week I’ve got the same advice about a gallon of milk. Whether it’s your SUV guzzling gas or the kids guzzling cow juice, shop around.

While it seems as if the two commodities have been rising in price almost in tandem recently, those who study such things (and surely that includes someone in Westport) say milk actually is outpacing gasoline in the rate of increases.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but like gasoline, such things as federal price supports, additive issues, and even international factors (mad cow disease?) are affecting our milk prices.

At least that’s what the pointy head-types tell us. Me, I think it’s the popularity of the Atkins no-carb thing which has got people off milk. 

The bottom line: just be glad your SUV drinks unleaded instead of whole milk.

So here’s the low-down on Westport area milk prices, which, like gasoline, are apt to change rapidly:

Price of a Gallon of Whole Milk

Costco, Norwalk, $2.85
Walgreens, 1870 Post Road East. $3.19
Trader Joes, 400 Post Road East. $3.39
CVS, 397 Post Road East, $3.59
HayDay, 1385 Post Road East,.$3.69
Eckerds, 1080 Post Road East. $3.69
Stop and Shop, 1790 Post Road East, $3.79
Shaw’s, 605 Post Road East, $3.82
Fast Stop Food Mart, 20 Saugatuck Ave., $4.19
The Country Store and Deli, 332 Wilton Road, $4.29
BP Amoco Service Station, 1510 Post Road East, $4.29
Christys Country Store, 161 Cross Highway, $4.50
Wild Oats, 399 Post Road West, $4.59

One thought on “Milk Prices on the Rise

  1. I buy our milk mostly at Costco, but one other place that Westporters shop is at Stew Leonard’s, and if you get two of their half gallons of whole milk (the only size that it comes in), the cost there is $3.78, in the middle range that Fran found.

    Thanks for all the great reporting in Fran’s column.  I’ve learned so much!

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