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Medical Examiner: Woman Died of Hypothermia

The state Medical Examiner’s office said today that an 84-year-old Westport woman whose body was found in her driveway last week died of hypothermia to the cold weather complicated by other health Image
Police converged on High Point Road after the body was found. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

A trash collector came upon Ada Eads in her High Point Road driveway on Thursday. (See WestportNow Feb. 17, 2011) Police said they did not suspect foul play and an autopsy revealed she died of exposure which aggravated other pre-existing health conditions.

Initially, police said she appeared to have suffered injuries, but this was later attributed to dirt and debris from the driveway where she fell. The front door of her house was open when police arrived. No one was in the house, and a neighbor said her husband was thought to be confined to a convalescent home.

A ruling of death by hypothermia was also made in Westport two months ago after the body of Cindy D’Aiuto, 48, was discovered in a parking lot on Kings Highway North in December. Police said she died after apparently becoming disoriented in the frigid weather. (See WestportNow Dec. 29, 2010)


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