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Martha Stewart’s Daughter: The Worst Thing About Prison is the Food

The worst thing about the West Virginia prison where Westport’s Martha Stewart is serving a five-month sentence is the food, according to her daughter, Alexis. “It’s terrible,” she said Friday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”alexisstewart10220401260.jpg
Alexis Stewart: prison food is “terrible.” CNN/ photo

“I’m sure she could give them quite a few pointers, but I think that the budget is so limited that … I’m not sure how much change they’d be willing to make,” Alexis Stewart said.

She said her mother has settled into the routine of prison life at the federal women’s prison in Alderson, W. Va. “She’s making the most of it,” she said.

Her mother has one roommate in a dormitory-type building that houses 80 women, Alexis Stewart said.

She has not yet been assigned a job, but in the meantime she has been taking walks, going to the gym “a nice gym with a Stairmaster”—watching television news, and reading.

She said her mother gets up before anyone else and eats with the other inmates.

She said the food was so bad that airplane food would be better. “It’s terrible,” she said. “But it’s not going to affect her that badly because she is only there five months.”

Alexis Stewart said her mother has no access to a computer or e-mail but does use a prison typewriter to write and mail notes to family and friends.

She said visitors are not permitted to bring out things written by inmates so her mother’s typewritten notes can only go out through the regular mail.

Prisoners are allowed newspaper subscriptions, they can watch one television channel, and are allowed five books at a time which, like the notes, must be mailed in and out, she said.

She said the books cannot be left with the prison library, adding, “I guess they don֒t want prison to be full of books.”

Alexis Stewart said she had played Scrabble with her mother during her visits, which can last all day on weekends.

“She was having a lot of fun playing Scrabble until I started beating her,” she said. “Now she decided she doesn’t want to play.”

Alexis Stewart said her mother had asked fellow inmates to respect her privacy and not take any pictures of her.

King asked if prisoners were allowed to have cameras, and Alexis Stewart replied that they are not, but that one visitor apparently slipped a camera inside to an inmate who took a picture of her mother that was later published.

She said she is followed constantly by photographers when in the West Virginia town and reported that media representatives had contacted all the other prisoners by mail, telling them any information that could provide about Martha Stewart would be very valuable.

Alexis Stewart said it is an eight-hour drive to the prison, apparently meaning from her Manhattan apartment. She said it’s about the same time to fly there as there is no direct connection.

She said Stewart’s 91-year-old mother has yet to make the trip.

Asked what it was like to take her mother to prison on Oct. 8 and leave her there, she replied, “It was horrible. It was upsetting. To leave her there was just miserable, very upsetting.  But I got to see her there that afternoon.”

Alexis Stewart said her mother has a list of about 20 people who can come to visit her. Visitors meet with her in an open room, much like an airport waiting room, she said, and they can also walk outside with her.

She said prison personnel were very friendly, polite and helpful getting her accustomed to the prison routine but that she was not getting any extra special treatment.

Alexis Stewart said there are no cells with bars and didnt think there was even a fence completely surrounding the property. She said the fence that is there is more likely intended to keep people out than keep inmates in.

Asked by King if her mother were writing a book about her prison life, she said she wasn’t sure it was limited to prison life, adding, “We always expected her to write a book about her life.”

Asked if she thought her mother might get involved in prison causes after her release, Alexis Stewart said she hopes so and thinks she will.

Alexis Stewart described reports that she was being groomed to take over her mother’s company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as “a large exaggeration” but the idea that she might someday run the company was within the realm of possibility.

Martha Stewart, 63, who was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale, is expected to be released in March and then will serve five months of house arrest at her home in Bedford, N.Y.

73 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s Daughter: The Worst Thing About Prison is the Food

  1. Martha’s lucky 5 months is all the time she received. Her daughter displayed the same arrogance as her mother and I doubt if too many people really feel sorry for either Martha or Alexis. I have seen lesser crimes receive more punishment. It was truly a joke watching this interview. But when does King ever ask the hard questions of anyone?

  2. It’s amazing how people hear things differently. I watched the Larry King ‘interview’ with Alexis Stewart as well. I thought she came across as sympathetic to the women serving time at Alderson who will be there well after the 5 months that Martha Stewart will serve (undeservedly). Her point was to highlight sad and unrehabilitative circumstances at the prisons, ie. books that could be used to fill libraries, access to news and better nutrition for healthier inmates and parolees. I don’t think that’s arrogant in the least.

  3. I did not watch the Larry King ‘interview’. However I have followed Martha Stewart’s case from the beginning. I believe this has been a shocking and terrible injustice. Not just to Martha Stewart but her family, her friends and business. This case has proven, to me, that there are to many prosecutor’s with nothing to do but waste our tax resources.

  4. It is obvious the last thing Martha or her daughter wanted was people to feel sorry for them. This is not called arrogance. It’s called grace and class and patience and self-discipline. Apparently there are a few people that they only wanted to see both Martha and Alexis cry in front of the camera and beg for forgiveness, and hear stories about Martha being abused by other inmates, and the fact it’s not happening is driving them crazy.

  5. This is so unfar. How could we allow such a beautiful women to suffer this humilation? Martha has done so many wonderful things. I do love Martha and Alexis. I hope Martha is exonerated. If not she’ll always be in my family prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that Martha will triumph.

  6. I was glad that Martha did not receive more time. I am three years younger than her, and these years are precious. I am sure that she (Martha) would have been willing to give lots of money to charity to more than compensate for whatever benefit if any society gets out of her being encarcerated. I was pleased to see that she asks for anyone seeking to send her money (which she more than likely does not need) to send those funds to the Cancer Society.

    I have enjoyed her TV programs, and some of the many household tips she gave on that show. Her show was so much more peaceful and elegant than some of the talk shows that were on in the mornings when her show was aired by ABC.

    I am glad that re runs are available on cable. Her daughter reminds me of her persona. I agree, they both have class. Punishing Martha for the Enron scandal seems a little far fetched. I am presently reading a large book, called I was Wrong, by Jim Bakker. It is a very good read, Even though I never liked Bakker on PTL, what he learned while in Federal Prison changed him and made him into a more believable person. Since I liked Martha Stewart, I certainly will read her book when it comes out. But Martha is not as young as Bakker was when he went in. Bakker’s release took many years, and the case in understandable when you read the book.

  7. Mr Newman said it all in a nutshell. Martha`s comeback will be phenomenal and I for one can not wait. She will continue to irritate people like “Randy” and others who are so envious of her intelligence and status. Alexis obviously has her mother`s sensitivity and keen awareness of other`s plights. Nothing but good will come out Martha`s horrible incarceration as she is a survivor and she will show the government just how stupid they REALLY were!

  8. We all make mistakes, sometimes poor judgements but people must look at the whole picture when you judge a person’s life. Martha Stewart loves to make her environment beautiful and wants others to have the opportunity too so she teaches us, offers great quality products for a very reasonable price, and shows us that no matter how much money you have or not, being home, cooking, having guests is all fun and enjoyable. She expects a lot of herself and is a perfectionanist so her being arrested , going to jail has to be extremely unbearable plus the huge embarassment. She might be serving 5 months of jail but a lifetime of punishment. I hope and I feel she will come out of this with her determination, strength of character and her class and show all people, especially women “to never give up, pick up the pieces and put them back together and put them back even better, stronger and prettier”. I am behund her all the way.

  9. Most of you said it all, Martha is a great lady and prison is no place for her. Randy must not know how much Martha is loved by America. She will come back, show everyone just how great she really is.
    Spring Martha 2005

  10. I will continue to support Martha’s Stewart’s business because I have learned so much from her. I still “Thank God” watch her shows and continue to become a “good cook”. When she was found guilty, I felt so bad. I strongly believe her conviction was an honest mistake. Everyday, I follow up on her; how is she doing, is she cooking or sewing or even planting but the most part it is she safe and handling this prison sentence well. At least 5 months isnt bad it will go by quickly. I hope Alexis continues to support and love her mom. I am looking forward to many new “cooking shows” I have learned to become very creative and thank her everyday. I hope it goes by quickly. “God Bless” I will pray for you!

  11. I thought that both Alexis Stewart and David Chesnoff showed tremendous sincerity and strength of conviction. Ever since Martha’s conviction on March 5th (which happened to be my birthday), I have been committed to the cause of her eventual exoneration. Like so many other supporters I have written letters, posted responses on message boards, and tried to talk to others about supporting Martha. I was recently in Alderson and have developed a special communication with some of the people there. The town is amazingly sympathic with Martha. There is a very large sign right outside the prison put up by Jeff Harris that says “We Love You Martha.” Many of the shops in town have window displays. Patti Grafton, the owner of The Alderson Gallery has filled her window with Martha Stewart and a sign that says “See you in the Spring, Martha.” Betty Alderson of The Alderson Store is putting together a local support campaign right now. The snow crocus, an early blooming bulb, is being planted by local residents to honor Martha’s release in the spring.

    If you would like to know about what’s going on in Alderson and keep in touch with the local townspeople. Please see our website called Martha’s Spring Garden 2005. The local supporters will be writing to us. I am an East Hampton, New York resident for twenty years. I have never met Martha but feel that her conviction was unjust and undeserved. Please stay in touch with us if you are interested. This site has no commercial purpose whatsoever.

  12. We “sow” the snow crocus……We “reap” the snow crocus”…..All in the name of Martha Stewart…..We eagerly await her return home where she belongs!

  13. Martha got less then what she deserved. Those of you who say otherwise are ignorant of the law. She knew the law but thought she could bluff her way through with her arrogant attitude.

  14. If Martha is smart, she can turn this time in jail into an excellent public relations opportunity. She needs to look at the day-to-day prison life, apply all her domestic diva skills, and then use her money and infuence to improve conditions for female inmates. “Martha the Crusader”. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  15. No, we’re not ignorant of the law. We believe it’s wrong to send some someone to prison because they lied (not under oath) to investigators for something it wasn’t a crime to begin with. This law is dragonian and needs to change, not only for Martha Stewart, but for other people also. And the government’s intrusive and over-zealous behavior needs to change too. The issue is bigger than “ok, arrogant Martha got 5 months of sentence, no big deal, she needed to shut up anyway, it could have been more”.

  16. We miss Martha! I’m putting my gardens to bed for the winter while praying for her! Spring will be here before we know it, and Martha will be back, strong, sensitive, and even more creative! I await her return!

  17. You`re absolutely right on Terri! This vindictiveness has got to stop for everyone. The vast majority of people that continue to degrade and malign Martha Stewart DO NOT realize that she was convicted for a crime{insider trading} that was thrown out of court on Feb 27 2004 one month after her trial began. THEN it was allowed to be mentioned time and time again for the remainder of her trial that hints of insider trading took place. Plus, there was never any proof that she even lied to investigators because there were no tape recordings of her interviews with the FEDS.
    Immediately after the verdict, we then hear a perjured juror cheering on “the little people”.
    Even later, an FBI “ink specialist” is brought to trial for perjury . Even though this man was acquitted his jury still said they believed him to be untruthful about his involvement in the Martha Stewart case.
    And now we have a woman in prison that is just as worthy of her rights as we as an American doing time for something the federal government thought was important.
    Does ANY of this make sense????……..NO!!!!!!
    This all stems from an over-zealous judicial system that can come after you, me, our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
    Scares the #### out of me!

  18. How amusing,Terry……..Like I said earlier…….
    Martha will come back bigger,stronger and better than ever….
    But, THE BEST BEING, she`ll be around for a very long time still irritating people like yourself!

  19. Martha was definitely a scapegoat for the real crimes being committed in this country. In her first televised interview after her sentence has been served, she should take a moment to personally thank President Bush for her stay at Camp Cupcake.

    Alexis is hot.

  20. I considered the Larry King interview well done and informative for Martha’s fans. It is good to know that Alexis is taking a more visible role in the business, And that Martha is adjusting very easily to prison routine.

    If the Alderson West Virginia Federal Prison has a limited food budget, how can the public help fund this particular prison? All the inmates should be provided healthy and tasty meals, low in saturated fats,and low in cholesterol. If our federal tax dollars are not getting to this prison, then why can’t the public help fund their programs and food?

    BUT, I sure wouldn’t want my donations to “Better Alderson’s Prison Food” be directed to the power-hungry Federal prosecutors who used our tax dollars to win this case over Martha. Federal prosecutors like to advance their careers. But the federal government must feel it is more important to this administration to put a good person like Martha behind bars, rather than letting her perform community service. Why doesn’t the Federal government get its priorities straight and spend our tax dollars on stopping drugs, real crime, murders, and terrorism in this country. But the more cases the Prosecutor’s win, regardless of its seriousness, they get the recognition points. That’s how they get their appointyments to become Judges. In the Maryha Stewart case, since she was sentenced, we found out that their federal witnesses distorted the truth. So why isn’t the Prosecutor taking the responsibility as top-man and resigning or admitting they distorted the facts to win the case? How many more innocent people were convicted on distorted federal evidence?

    My “Martha Stewart fan club” in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area all wish Much Success to Martha and Alexis and to her business-family. May the next few months go quickly and happily for Martha, and may her attorney’s quickly clear her reputation.

  21. I’m not sure when Alderson became known as Camp Cupcake. I served a short sentence in Alderson and believe me it wasn’t a stay at Camp cupcake! Yes, the inmates and prison personnel are nice but it was still very hard on me and my family. I survived and made the best of a bad situation and I know Martha can do the same. The food was awful. I lived on frosted flake cereal and the items I purchased through the commissary(which were extremely overpriced). Many of the women and girls there would be better rehabilitated by staying outside the system. You learn things that you would never learn on the streets. When I was released, it was extremely difficult on my family as people do not forget and always make comments. I will write Martha and hope she answers my letter. As for the people that believe she received a lenient sentence, they should be reminded as the same could happen to them. Our system of justice doesn’t work and needs to be changed.

  22. I wish that people would educate themselves about the federal criminal justice system. The truth is, there are people who have done far worse that Martha Stewart and served no time. The harsh reality though, is that there are 180,000 federal prisoners, some serving very unfair and harsh mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenses in the federal system.

    The fact is, if it can happen to Martha Stewart, it can happen to you.

  23. Anyone who thinks that the world is a better place because Martha Stewart is in prison and who thinks that the justice system serves this country well lives with their head buried in the sand. Martha did not deserve what she got—especially in light of O.J. Simpson, Robert Kennedy and executives who have stolen millions from the poor working class. Why aren’t any of them in prison?
    For those of you who believe justice was served, I wish you would go to a day in criminal court to see where “justice” is served daily to the poor, insane, and abused. We still send struggling young people to prison because they have no money and women to prison for domestic violence who only tried to defend themselves or their children from abuse. What a twisted sense of “justice” exists these days.

    Martha Stewart in prison is abuse of a woman by the judicial system instead of a man.

  24. Her being in this prison is silly. The male dominated business scene has had it in for her for years. Prosecuters lie every day to make their cases. She did nothing different that any other male business man would not do. Martha will walk tall on her release and have even more fans in her camp. With grace and dignity she will be back on TV sharing of herself as she has for years. If one becomes successful you are an instant target.


  25. I saw the Larry King interview, and I thought Alexis was more comfortable this time. �Bravo Alexis!� I am glad she is speaking out for her mother. I didn�t find her arrogant at all. Some people have nothing better to do then criticize. It is a shame that Martha cannot get a break from the �back biting� of others. I don�t know many people that would have chosen to face the music sooner then they needed to. I find her decision to be very brave. And (although I would never compare the two), I would only like to say that they took Leona Helmsly kicking and screaming to jail. Martha walked in with her shoulders back, head high, and a courteous smile on her face. How can you not champion a woman who has the bravery, and grace to face her punishment? A punishment, I might add, that was needless: her prosecution and conviction were, to say the least, superfluous. I say, shame on those that cannot give a woman, who wants to get her life back in order her due respect. I will take the high road like Mr. Newman, and let Martha know that she can take comfort in the entire reading of Psalm 3: �I lie down and sleep; I wake again, for the LORD sustains me. I am not afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me round about.”

  26. Martha Stewart’s trial was obviously an orchestration by the Bush administration to distract the American public from the heat on George W’s low-life buddies and campaign cash buckets (the heads of Enron and Worldcom). I can’t wait for November 3rd when I hope we can kiss W’s ass – and all of his crap – goodbye!!

  27. It being Martha Stewart’s first offense ever and the nature of the charges brought against her, I think the sentencing was quite reasonable. I believe everyone should be held accountable for the decisions they make regardless of social or econonic status. I believe this will only make Martha Stewart stronger, wiser, and will provide a better understanding of a side of life she wouldn’t have otherwise.

  28. Martha Stewart will rise again and true justice will be hers. I believe Martha is innocent and was used as scapegoat for the real wrongdoers …the stock broker who GAVE her the insider info and set her up for the fall. Long live Martha!

  29. Martha Stewart will rise again and true justice will be hers. I believe Martha is innocent and was used as scapegoat for the real wrongdoers …the stock broker who GAVE her the insider info and set her up for the fall. Long live Martha!

  30. It is good to read other notes of support and faith. I miss Martha on TV. Thank you Style network. I think it is wrong to pull her so far out of the magazine, I miss her presence there. The marketing guru’s and statisticians have put a negative spin on Martha Stewart Living and as a long time reader I am requesting you put Martha BACK in Martha Stewart Living, with bold, in your face pride!

  31. Agreed!
    We need to keep with all the notes of support for Martha, her family and her company as well as for ourselves until she get can back home and on the road to a new and revitalized life.

  32. It’s a sad day in this world when a person can be railroaded as Martha was, with the entire world watching. What is even more disturbing is that some people are so ignorant of the entire thing, no doubt blinded by their seithing rage that a woman has the audacity to make money for her skills and professional savvy. I have asked every one I know the question, “What was Martha convicted of”? and not one has gotten the right answer yet. People have such tunnel vision that they’d rather hate Martha because she keeps house than actually understand the fact that any one of us is a sitting duck for our messed up court system. Obstructing Justice should be the official charge that every judge, lawyer and politician be brought up on. Sit in on a court day and you will see there is very little justice and a whole lot of politics going on. Lying? Lawyers and politicians give it it’s modern-day meaning. And the rest of us are just as guilty if we accept what has been done here. There is a hidden agenda going on here, and regardless of whether you “like” Martha or not, we had all better wake up before we find a loved one at the mercy of our Witch-hunting court system.

  33. I am a M.S. fan from the get-go and am sorry that her troubles reached this level. I am very happy that Style network is continuing to air her old “Living” shows and that her monthly magazine is still in production. I noticed that the upcoming Novemeber issue of “Living” magazine has a different cover design…her signature square is missing… you suppose that’s in respect given her current situation?

  34. I support Martha Steward by buying her products and I loved her tv food shows. She was the only classy lady on any of the food shows. I think she was a scapegoat and I resent the fact she is in prison and Ken Lay is nnot along with that bunch of crooks at Enron. To me, it proves that this is still a mans world and if you play the old political game you win. Martha has always been her own person, for better or worse. I admire her and support her.

  35. I am quite dismayed at the people who so vehemently despise Martha Stewart and her successes and failures. Anyone that allows themselves the availability for public critcism knows that they can’t please everyone all of the time. They accept this and move forward with strong beliefs that what they are doing is for the general good. The most staunch critics are often those that cannot even volunteer on a local level for they have too many judgements of other people’s visions and fear their own failures would be criticized by people just like themselves. Name calling, like “witch” and worse, means that you are truly uneducated to the human condition and have no concern for needs other than your own. You have no better comments than gutteral utterings of inmature name calling. Atleast Martha accepts what has been thrown at her despite the petty whining of jealous and unmotivated individuals who have nothing better to do than watch the world instead of being an active participant. If you so desperately hate what Martha has accomplished perhaps you should start a magazine, television show and humanitarian effort designed toward the needs of hermits and angry citizens. This is a set back for Martha, a learning experience, but certainly not the end of her vision.

  36. Martha, Martha, Martha…It’s always about Martha.

    Give it a break people. This is PRISON! Or at least it is supposed to be prison. It is not meant to have good tasting meals, and lots of books and television. You are in prison to be punished for your wrong doing, not to live better than when you were out. Mabey if Martha would ease up a bit when it comes to her perfection people would take a better liking to her. It is like you are not allowed to use or do anything other that what she says or it is not right. She is just another one of those pompus, arrogant, rich SOB’s that thinks she is better than everyone else and that her $hit smells like rose petals!

  37. Give it a rest,Bob……
    It`s about Martha,Martha,Martha because that`s what this article pertains to. If you`re not interested then you might want to go where other “pompous,rich, arrogant SOBS” go.

  38. When she get served lemons in life Martha makes lemonade! When all she has left is crab apples, she makes sweet tasteing apple pie!
    Of course she has a hard look about her.You would too if you had to put up with all the crap that she has had to deal with!

  39. Many of you keep saying that Martha will come back bigger, better & stronger than ever, but if what she says about prison food is true, Martha may not come back bigger!

  40. Many of us are not saying that Martha is innocent. Many of us are saying that she did`nt do anything worse than what you and I might have done. Many of us are saying that she is human is all. What we are saying is the way her case was handled was persecution not prosecution. The FEDS were completely over zealous in the way they went after her. They needed an example and they got one with her,did`nt they?
    You know what?……..After everything is said and done…………
    I`d have a hard look on my face too!

  41. It is obvious that some people posting on this board did not follow the trial of Martha Stewart, nor do they know the true facts of the case. She wasn�t charged with the actual crime, but she was charged about lying about the crime. Novel. If I am charged with murder, but there was no murder, how then have I killed anyone? More importantly, why should I be found guilty of the crime? In addition, I found some of the witnesses own characters� to be more then flawed. Mariana PasterRAT, didn�t speak to Martha about the phone call? Please! Why did her husband Bart sell his stock before noon time the next day? No one truly knows what was talked about during that phone call: Mariana�s testimony was pure hearsay, conjecture, and rubbish. The Imclone stock was selling so heavily that day, it is safe to speculate that everyone had some kind of insider knowledge. Martha�s only guilt is being a rich businesswoman, who made a business decision to sell her stock that is all. A decision, I might add, that was not unlike one George Bush made back in the 80�s. I guess when your daddy is head of the CIA, you can make decisions on your stock without being prosecuted. However, when you are a self-made woman that catapulted the art of �home making� into a viable stock, you better watch your back. �Martha has a hard look?� No one ever tells Donald Trump he looks too rigid to be a businessman. Oh, I forgot, the business world is not a woman�s place, right?

  42. Wake up! For all of you that think Martha is innocent, please go get a reality check. She is obviously guilty of something, but to what degree is the question. Does the crime fit the punishment? Maybe, maybe not, but she obviously has some life lessons to learn. I find her to wear many faces and not very sincere. She has a very hard look about her and it is not from having a hard life. That has got to tell you something. Her 5 months will teach her some lessons, and hopefully she will learn that collecting all the apples in the world is not what makes her a good person.

  43. I have been disapointed by what I had set up as a personal icon. Martha was my personal ideal. I can do everything just like her but I lack her drive. I have noticed that the magazine is now less highbrow. It looks like any other womens magazine. How disapointing. I lost my fantasy of the perfect life when this whole mess began. I could imagine myself in those pages. Men have their pornography, I am no less guilty of losing my grasp on reality. I like the dream that I too can make my life perfect and insulate myself from poverty and the depravity of the human spirit. I have seen my false idol tumble from the alter that I had put her on. Now it is up to me to reflect the true beauty of the Lord who is in no way false. I am in a way gratefull to be released. When Martha lost her allure, I was freed from the illusion. Yet I miss what she did for the average homaker like me. She gave my craft credibility to the world. Our post 60’s generation is seeking a return to the traditional values that our parents sought to eradicate. Martha seemed to be as good a figurehead as any to come along. Too bad that she fell from grace. Will homaking fall from grace again too? I hope not. I will base my aspirations on the proverbs 31 woman, as I should have done all along, and I will try not to envy riches and martha stewart.

  44. I know it’s hard for Martha even though she’s only got 5 months. I feel bad to see her repeat episodes of her daily shows from prior years. I hope that she will be out as planned in the spring. Everybody deserves second chances and I believe this was the most humbled experience she may ever have to endure. It produces character and she certainly is not lacking in that dept. So I guess it just makes her an even better person. With the glamour of the Season of Lights rolling around the corner, I’m sure she will make the most of her time with the other inmates and hopefully make this the one Christmas that most of them who have longer sentences will remember for Generations to come… after all it’s the season of Giving…IT’S A GOOD THING!!! Much love to you Martha and your Family show them what you’re made of…Love from a longtime fan!!!

  45. Mary Magdalene in Prison

    She didn’t have Jesus to protect her this time. Nor His followers.
    Convicted of lying in a society pervaded by lying, she was imprisoned.

    It made no difference that she had distributed untold riches to the culture-poor
    or that she was elderly. Her sin was being a strong, successful woman.

    Cultures that punish women, but not the men, by hurling stones at them
    are criticized. We use high-tech stones, ones that kill more efficiently.

    Looking at her tired police photo is painful. I see myself in it. I see you.
    This time, she goes by the name of Martha Stewart. Watch for the movie.

  46. I want EVERYONE……..I mean EVERYONE to just STOP……. one minute……..just take one minute of your time……..It`s not much……….
    Now, search………search deep down into yourselves………I`m not kidding……….
    Search for the time in your life when you got that ONE lucky break…….Remember the time that made you say “Thank You God!”?………
    Don`t tell me you don`t have one because EVERYONE that walks this earth has had a time that they were given a second chance for SOMETHING……….No matter how big or small we`ve all had one.
    Now……….Give Martha a break and let her have her second chance when she gets out of a prison that she volountarily walked into!

  47. If it had been a man the allegations would not have been made much less charges brought but because it was a woman, a somewhat powerful woman, a mockery was made of the judicial system. A person lied, under oath and what was done about it, a slap on the wrist because it was a man who did it. I feel that Martha Stewart should have never been charged as men have been doing insider trading for decades. Martha Stewart did nothing wrong that I can see. She allegedly took a tip from a friend and saved herself alot of money. Who among us would not have done the same thing? The world is based on money. Leave the poor woman alone. Everyone acts like she betrayed them personally and they do not even know her. I do not know her but I feel for her and her family, as they are suffering now for what others assume she did wrong and given the opportunity, her accusers would have done the same, exact thing.

  48. 1. Endorse she was railroaded and practically every biz executive lies more than she in Press Releases, that hype their stock, but are protected by a ‘safe harbor’ clause at the bottom of the PR that, in effect, says all the above may be lies. I know first hand from being involved in work being hyped.

    2. Maybe a moral from this is to NEVER talk to a Federal Investigator about anything. Go get a lawyer and let them do the talking.

    3. They have gone after a creative person who has contributed a lot to this world (already) not a corporate manipulator and slim-ball – for a very small mistake (on even that I have doubts as many trade on stockbrokers tips where the broker talks like he has insider knowledge without saying so and anyway, the nature of the biz is that if enough brokers recommend the same thing, particular when a small company is involved, it becomes a self-forefeeling prophesy). She was trading peanuts, relative to her wealth, and they did not even charge her with that – just the lying to Fed Investigators. (I wonder how many people who have talked to Fed Investigators can truthfully say they did not embellish anything).

    I hope one day, if not already, her accusers will be ashamed of their actions – and why not just probation, why the indignity of prison for such a minor first offence on one who has lived most of her life already. Quiet shameful. (And do not tell me Fed Guidelines mandate a prison sentence, exceptions are often made and beyond that there is always someone (no names) who has the power to pardon. He too should be ashamed, as he should for sending a reformed woman to the execution chamber some 6 to 10 years ago.)

    4. I believe many innocent people are in prison.

    I have my doubts about the jury system (particularly as currently rigged by the legal profession with jury consultants and ability to discard potential jurors despite them being �peers�) and, for instance, prosecutors over charging to make it more likely juries will compromise on a lesser verdict when the verdict should be �not-guilty� by virtue of not-proven.

    I started feeling that way when I was a juror myself and got to listen to pitiful arguments in the jury room � like �we have to support the police�. (The one who spoke out after the Martha verdict about �needing to support the little people� was typical of the intellectual application often brought to bear on the facts of the case � I�m afraid.)

    5. I have voted with my wallet.

    My head now rests on a ‘Martha Stewart’ pillow and I have some other of her company’s branded products around my apartment.

    These events caused me to look closely at them in K-Mart (good on them that they continue to market them – even though I’ve had some doubts about them, with super high paid executives, when they were in the doldrums performance-wise, and them turning their backs on seniors by abandoning 10%-off days).

    They are quality products for the price. If you haven’t already, go and have a look at them and buy only if you need and feel they are good at the price, NOT out of sympathy. They can stand the test.

  49. I am glad Martha Stewart only got 5 months of prison time – not that she deserved ANY but 5 months is better than 5 years. I, for one, miss her being on TV but I still buy her products and have posted to this and other sites as a show of support. Hurry back, Martha!!!!!

  50. Martha was convicted of LYING to the FBI. What kind of chicken____ is that? If I was interrogated by the FBI I doubt I could remember my own name? Surely there are other more “deserving” lawbreakers that could be prosecuted than Martha! Geeze, she’s doing 5 months for lying!!!!!

  51. martha got off with a lighter sentence than she deserves. the arrogance of this women permeates everything she does. the fact that her company is spiraling downward is a testimony to america’s tiring of her condescension to the american public. much like the liberal left thought they could tell all of america what is right. wrong. and i suppose martha’s legal fees should be covered by her compnay. Wrong. again.

  52. This whole case makes me feel a little less proud of being an American—and a lot less secure in our legal system. I pray that I never find myself at the mercy of a system that has no mercy. If this can happen to Martha Stewart, it can happen to ANY of us. You don’t even have to be guilty of anything.

  53. Hey jim,
    I think you’d see things a bit different if you walked a mile in Martha’s shoes! Sounds to me like you’re feeling a little insecure these days!

  54. 11-11-04

    Subject: Martha Stewart and “Our new Prison Book”

    Our personal nightmare in prison would make a good human interest story for your audience.

    Will you assist us?

    Our Book “Greedy Business” will be finished in 1 month as we have written over 400 pages already and our publication will predate Martha’s prison book. We address many different social, civil and criminal issues in our book as we are Real Estate Agents and business people who don’t have the fear of reprisals and want to expose many different public issues which will greatly interest both of you.

    I have decided to contact you hoping you can personally assist or help us and to also help us communicate with Martha Stewart. My husband and I are Texas Realtors who were falsely arrested in Amarillo, Texas over the pouring of concrete pad for a room addition patio in 2002 and are right now out on bond in Amarillo. We are totally innocent and our attorneys have moved for a complete dismissal of all charges due to our overwhelming evidence of innocence. We spent 30 days in jail without even knowing who had charged us. Our home was robbed of over $20,000 of personal property wedding rings, cameras, art work, antique money and prized personal possessions. We had 4 cats that were killed and we had over $3000 of large fresh water fish in 5 fish tanks that were all lost due to our false arrest. Both of our cars were repossesed and our families have disowned us thinking we were guilty. Our pain & suffering is unbelievable and is well documented in our book as we each wrote in long hand over 20 letters, 4 to 6 pages long to each other which are actually digitized and are part of the book.

    My husband Dale is a disabled Vetnam Veteran and we are both Honor students from college. Dale was a TV Producer in Houston in the 1980-90’s and is a good graphic artist so we have designed the whole book. We have written our book about the American prison system and our tremendous pain and suffering caused by our false arrest, so the book reads like a script so it could will be created as a movie. We need all the help we can get to publish our book and to get the financial help and contracts to produce the movie.

    If you would e-mail us back and communicate with Martha, we would like to share our terrible ordeal with you both. Unlike Martha, we were both in very dangerous situations in seven different jails during our extradition and lived in unbelievable filth and despicable human treatment in jail which we have document everything in our book on a day by day basis.

    There are several moral and family issues that we have expressed along with many other critical issues that undermine our criminal justice system. If there is no redeeming value to a book, it should not be written, but our book exposes so many truths about our broken system of justice that it will interest and provoke everyone who reads the book and/or sees the movie.

    Thank you for your assistance, as we look forward to your e-mails and assistance in any shape or form. Say hello to Martha for us.

    Denise and Dale Stephens

  55. You people who support and feel so damn sorry for Martha Stewart need to get a life! Her going to prison tells me that our courts have finally taken a turn for the better, especially when it comes to our so-called Hollywood “untouchables”. They commit a crime and then expect the system to look the other way. Stop wasting so much time on this woman. What is the matter with all of you …are we out of cooking ideas? Do we need Holiday gift ideas as well?…PLEASE!..How do you think the woman of the 1940’s and 50’s got by? They sure as hell did not have a Martha Stewart to assist them in the kitchen. Stop making her out to be some form of idol, she isn’t. She is a regular human being like the rest of us. Only she preys on her fans ignorance for moral support. And she has you hook, line, and sinker. Just goes to show you liberal minded woman can’t carry one orignal thought on your own….you are always leaning or looking to someone else to live your life through….You give the REAL woman of today a bad rap! If we break the law, we pay the price. Why should it be any different for her. When was the last time any of you put this much energy into just a plain Jane? Come on, stop the idolatry. This woman should mean as much to you as your neighbor. When was the last time you gave this much attention and support to those in your community who really need your support? Did you stop reading? It figures. There is a such great deal of shallowness and selfishness in all of you.

  56. I’ve never been a fan of Martha or watched her shows, etc., but I now believe she got a raw deal. If lying is a crime, then most of us would be in prison. Her real mistake, as was stated in an earlier post, was not letting a lawyer speak for her. I believe that if I had been in her position I would have done the same thing. If she really thought she was guilty of a crime, she wouldn’t have said a word, and let the lawyers handle it. Proclaiming innocence seems to make the prosecutors want to convict you even more. A lot of money was wasted to convict a woman of lying, when there are terrorists, child molesters, murderers, etc., who need to be behind bars NOW! I think she should try to clear her name, but I have a feeling they will try to let the conviction stand anyway.

  57. Lori :If you are so offended by Martha Stewart and all of her many supporters ,what are you doing reading so much about what everyone thinks , maybe you should get a life ,and while your at it maybe you should change your fabric softener for that scratch you can’t itch and add some to that attitude girl.

  58. Yo, Ellen…I do have a “life” thank you, I spent most of my time writing my response. It took less than 2.5 minutes to get the jist of what all you pathetics were trying to say and I used my time more wisely…I scrolled to the bottom and wrote my opinion…because I do have a “life” and got back to it in less than 10 minutes..but that would surprise anyone with a less than 8th grade level of education. Did I hit a nerve?

    Don’t waste your time on me; continue your wasted efforts on supporting some plain Jane who needs you….what is her name again? Oh yeah, Martha Stewart. BTW- having the attitude I have is why I advance on the corporate ladder with such great strides…..if I use fabric softner, like you probably do, I would be a stay home mom watching MARTHA STEWART on TV learning how to be a housewife, a mother, a cook and a WOMAN! No thanks, I think I will stick with what has never failed me (or ended up in jail) and that is my grandmothers and mothers advice and guidance. God Bless the woman of the 30’s, 40’, & 50’s……Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.!

  59. Lori! Lori! Lori!!!
    No you didn’t hit a nerve, but your ignorance about stay at home moms was insulting. I did stay at home and raise my children and I am proud to have done that , I also have my own business ,my own home, and a life that wasn’t always easy,but a good one,built with morals values and compassion.As far as your
    assumption that I am uneducated wrong again,and it would seem that you are way to defensive about something you claim not to believe in.If you believe that there is no value in learning to be a better person whether it be a homemaker,a cook a mother or even a corporate snob, maybe you are not as educated in life as you think.There are a lot more important things in life than climbing the corporate ladder,but if it keeps you out of jail ,I’m thrilled.Could it be that this Plain Jane Martha Stewart actually made something of herself that you yourself cannot acheive,and your anger is with yourself .She is an amazing woman and as a woman you should be proud of her accomplishments, you are somewhat hypocrytical,on one hand you have no respect for housewives homemakers and SAHM, but you also have no respect for someone who did that, and climbed the corporate ladder with amazing strides and she has done it with grace and intelligence. You also said that you had no interest in learning to become a WOMAN that might be the key to your problem right there. I still think Lori, that those great strides you have made climbing the corporate ladder has caused you some severe chafing, so I do suggest a good fabric softener, which has nothing to do with SAHM’s with less than a grade 8 education .So keep smoking whatever your smoking because me thinks you protest to much. Yo??? did they teach you that a Yale.

  60. Lori, was your mother and grandmother making great strides in the corporate world? If so, that explains your lack of respect for the women who donate their “Plain Jane” lives to raise corporate leaders as your upbringing was obviously left to the hired help. If not, then I’ll bet even they were offended by your insulting degradation of mothers and grandmothers who choose to do the right thing and raise the children they brought into this world whenever possible instead of leaving that task to the local daycare. I feel sorry for you that your vehemence for Martha has completely blinded your common sense toward the “Big Picture” – If there was no crime, how can one be punished for lying about it? Stick with the corporate scene honey. You’ll never make it at home in the REAL world.

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