Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Martha Stewart Sentencing Delayed

The sentencing date for Westport’s Martha Stewart for lying about a stock sale has been delayed by three weeks to July 8, federal prosecutors said today.

The sentencing originally had been scheduled for June 17.

Stewart said in a posting on her Web site that her defense team had requested the delay so U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum could consider a new appeal.

The chambers of Cedarbaum, who will hand down the sentence for Stewart and former stockbroker Peter Bacanovic, had no comment.

Stewart was convicted in March for lying about why she sold shares of ImClone Systems Inc. stock in 2001. She could face 10 months to 16 months in prison.

Stewart is expected to ask for a new trial because of newly unveiled perjury charges against Larry Stewart, a government ink expert who testified for the prosecution at trial.

Legal experts have said that request is a longshot because Larry Stewart’s testimony mainly concerned a charge of falsifying documents against Bacanovic – a count on which he was found innocent.

A previous new-trial request filed by Stewart and Bacanovic has already been rejected by Cedarbaum. In that request, the pair claimed a juror had lied to get on the 12-person panel that returned the conviction.

In a message posted on her Web site, Stewart said the delay would enable the court to “consider a motion my lawyers will make for a new trial based on the improper behavior of a key government witness.”

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