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Losers in Staples High School

Losers in Staples High School Principal Selection Comment
We know the local reaction to the selection of John Brady as principal of Staples High School (overwhelmingly positive). But what about the two other finalists who didnt make it?

Both commented in interviews with their local newspapers. Assistant Superintendent Tom Mulvihill of New Milford, Conn. told his local paper:

ғThere is no shame in losing out to someone with his record, Mulvihill said of Brady. ԓHes a great guy.Ҕ

Peter Sack, who is retiring as a high school principal in Swampscott, Mass., told his newspaper:

“I’m both disappointed and relieved. It would have been a great challenge. I think I’m up to the challenge, but it would have been disruptive having to move.”

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