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Los Angeles Times Poll Cites

Los Angeles Times Poll Cites Westport Author
Westporters continue to pop up in the national news media as the nation debates the war in Iraq.

The latest is Brighfield Lane resident Christopher Hart, author of several books on comic book art. He responded to a Los Angeles Times poll on the war following recent U.S. battlefield successes.

“I had my own reservations about [the war] . . . but my feeling is at least I can trust that this president is trying to do the right thing for the country,” the newspaper quoted Hart as saying. “I do not believe he is doing this for any reason other than that he is convinced it is in our best interest.”

The newspaper said most Americans now express support for an expansive United States role in the Middle East—with a clear majority backing the war in Iraq and half endorsing military action against Iran if it continues to develop nuclear weapons,

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