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7 thoughts on “Library Officials Hope For Patriot Act Changes

  1. There is now a case in Bridgeport federal court where a local library is disputing use of the Patriot Act to ask for patron records. Is that local library in Westport? Who knows—under the Patriot Act the subject library is forbidden to say that they have had a request. According to newspaper articles Patriot Act requests to libraries for patron usage have numbered in the hundreds.

  2. Men and women of the US Armed Forces are sacrificing their lives for the cause of fighting terrorism and protecting US citizens and the far left of Westport won’t do as much as share their summer reading lists to contribute.  Disgusting.

  3. Once again, the far left will do everything they can to see that security in this country is weakened.  Makes one wonder why some folks are so afraid that someone might find out what they are reading.

  4. The Westport Library, in accordance with state statutes, protects the confidentiality of library records.  The only records we keep are for items currently in circulation or with outstanding fines.  All other information is purged.

  5. In protecting the security of the nation, we have to ensure that we’re not trampling the constitutional rights and liberties that we’re supposedly trying to protect.  Apparently the McCarthyites are alive and well in our town.  I have great respect for our armed forces, but tragically, they have been asked to risk their lives for a cause related neither to terrorism nor to protecting our nation.

  6. Librarians at the Norwalk Public Library don’t keep records on what patrons have checked out. Once a checked-out item is returned, the record is purged. So if the feds do come snooping, there is nothing to see other than what is currently checked out (and address info). Does the Westport Library also purge patron records when items are returned? If not, why not? (I check out stuff from the Westport Library as well as the Norwalk Library, so this concerns me.)

  7. I am a republican, far right, but I do not support all provisions of the patriot act. One cannot place themselves in a political group and stand up for every cause supported by the majority of their group simply because they are a member of that party. Please do not catergorize everyone who does not appreciate all measures of the patriot act. If all of teh patriot act was researched in detail I am surte even the most dedicated republicans would find flaws.

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