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Letter: Staples Footballers Want to Play

Editor’s Note: WestportNow rarely publishes letters to third parties, but makes an exception for this one from the Staples football captains to state representatives:

Dear Westport Town Representatives:

As the 2020 captains of the Staples High School football team, we are asking you to appeal directly to Governor Lamont for the reinstatement of 11 v 11 tackle football this fall.

We specifically request that Governor Lamont have the Department of Public Health and CIAC collaborate in the creation of a plan incorporating appropriate protocols that will permit live games safely this fall.

The decision to cancel high school football has already negatively impacted the close to 10,000 Connecticut students who have the privilege to play high school football. We ask that you consider the long-term emotional, mental and physical risks to these students if football is not played, especially in light of the State’s extremely low transmission rate.

Staples High School Football is of supreme importance to us and our teammates. We grew up in Westport attending games, waiting and working for the day that we would have our opportunity to represent Staples and the Westport community.

Currently, 36 other states have approved all fall sports including football. Why is CT different from these states?

What can we learn from these other states?

What metrics are necessary for us to safely play football?

What can we do to help?

How can we assist you to represent the Westport community in a positive light? As Town Representatives we thank you for everything you do for us and our community.

We humbly ask that you fight for your constituents and take a leadership role in supporting the safe participation of a game that truly means so much to us, our families and our community.

We ask to Let Us Play.

With Great Respect,

Henry Beck, Owen Clarke, Sean Clarke, Sam Milberg

& The 2020 Staples Football Wreckers

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