Thursday, April 18, 2024


Letter: In Favor of Telehealth Bill

To the Editor:

Telehealth is an extremely important and valuable resource, especially in a time like this. I am writing in support of the telehealth bill being passed by the General Assembly during the upcoming special session, which would require insurance companies to cover the resource.

I firmly believe that all Connecticut residents should have access to telehealth services, especially during this pandemic. COVID-19 has created a significant barrier for people seeking medical attention, as they cannot risk leaving their homes.

As of right now, Governor Lamont has said that telehealth services will be extended for Medicaid and private insurance companies through January, but it is crucial that our legislature fights to extend this coverage beyond then.

No one knows when this pandemic will end or what the future of healthcare will look like, and it is so important that officials pass this bill in order to protect all Connecticut residents, especially those who suffer from underlying health issues.

No one should have to risk their health or the health of others in order to seek such medical attention or therapy. It is imperative that our elected officials fight to pass this bill in order to make Telehealth accessible and affordable. Every Connecticut resident deserves equal access to such a resource that ensures their safety and protects their health, as well as the health of those around them.

Amber Jaffe

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